Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Blessings

This mommy loves shoes.  Shoes with heels.  And apparently, so does Ava.  The other morning I was downstairs and heard a very loud clomping noise on our tile floor.  When I went to check it out, what did I find?  Miss Ava wearing my 4" heels, strutting around the living room.  She made it all the way from our bedroom into the living room, with both shoes on - and didn't fall!  Pretty impressive considering she's only 2, and they were about 50 sizes too big!

I sense some sassiness in this picture...

Yeah, Ava, sometimes I look at them too, and wonder why I'm wearing them!

Getting ready for Easter!  Our attempt to have Darla wear them didn't go as well.

Lining up her toy bins.  Notice she's IN one of the toy bins.  When I asked what she was doing, she replied, "I not crazy!  I'm a toy!  I'm a yo-yo!"  Ok.

And then we had Easter...we had a nice family brunch, with an egg hunt, and too many Easter gifts.  I think we went a little overboard this year.  Hoping we aren't setting any bad precedents.  Ava LOVED the Princess blanket I made for her - it's nice and big, so both of us can curl up under it when we watch cartoons together before bed!

In the afternoon, we went to Scott's uncle's house and spent the beautiful day outside.  Grandma Deb entertained us ALL (kids and adults alike), by making bubbles galore, organizing the funniest ball game I have seen in a while, and pretending to be a variety of jungle animals.  Even tonight, Ava was making monkey noises while brushing her teeth!  It was truly a gorgeous day - well spent with friends...and the SUN finally!  True Easter Blessings for a wide variety of reasons!

Easter Basket time!

Looking so hard for those eggs!

Hamming it up with Daddy!

That's my girl!

Second hunt of the day...

Chasing bubbles

Savante, aka Chubs

More bubbles!

Moving onto the ball game...Ashley tagging Deb!

Atta girl - looking at flowers in the middle of the field...while the game was going on!

Even Great-Grandma got involved!

Grandpa helping Ava with the eggs...

Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you and your family, as well!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mini-Dee (finally!)

Every day I'm more and more convinced that Ava could very well be my child, and not just a mini-Scott.  We gave her a few peanut butter M&Ms for a treat, and look at that - she created a nice pattern with the colors.  She didn't have any help doing this - and look at the proud expression on her face.  OCD?  Yeah, I'll claim that part of her!

She was bored one afternoon, and decided that Puppy should learn how to play the drums.  Lucky us.  In fact, she just saw this picture, so she pulled out all of the pots again, and Puppy - looks like we're going to experience this once more!

Yesterday, we all headed down south to visit our friends Darren, Tiffany, Isabel, and Evelyn.  Ava had been talking about this visit for weeks, so when she sprung a fever on us Friday afternoon, we weren't sure if we were still going to be able to go.  Luckily, we got the fever under control...whew! 

Tiff and I had a mini-spa day in Rochester, while the daddies hung out with the 3 little girls.  It's so much fun to watch Isabel and Ava together - until they started hitting each other while watching "Tangled".  Then, the moms had to step in and set things straight!  Ava was already talking about seeing them again as we came back home this morning.  I only wish we lived closer!

Fun in the bath - LOTS of splashing and giggling!

Last weekend, Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey took Ava to her first movie at a theater - Hop!  She did great for the first 45 minutes or so, and then she didn't want to sit still.  But, it sounds like they stuck it out and had a good afternoon!

Watching cartoons with Grandpa - this is so cute!

Enjoying the sunny weather...before the evil snow came back later this week.

Potty training is still being worked on...I think she realizes that if she wears a diaper, she doesn't have to stop playing when she needs to go.  Hm.  But, at the same time, she's been telling us when she needs to go, and then she really does go.  I think this requires massive patience on everyone's we'll just keep on trying!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hats and Shades!

Silly girl Ava decided to pull out all of her summer hats and try them all on.  It's very possible that her noggin grew a bit, and some of the hats might be a bit small.  And it's also very possible that she got a bit frustrated when they wouldn't go on her head all the way! was still fun to watch.  Here are just two of her hats on display...

With the onset of Spring (YES!!!!), the sunglasses have come out of hiding.  They even were requested to come to the potty with her the other day.  Good thing the Easter Bunny stocked up on several new pairs...!

Ava's been entertaining us quite a bit lately...that kid loves to sing and dance!  We sing the Do-Re-Mi song A LOT, as well as Farmer in the Dell.  And a random "Buckle Down" song that Ava came up with one day...I asked her daycare provider if she knew about it, and we *think* it's a song from a safety show they watched (seatbelts, etc...)  As I was describing the song to Debi, Ava zoomed by us and started singing it for us.  Super cute!

We're going to sign her up for a tumbling class this summer, as she wants to do somersaults and hand stands with me all the time.  And she really wants to dance, so we'll need to look into that at some point.

Even bigger news...she FINALLY went potty on the toilet at our house!  She does it several times a day at daycare, but wasn't so interested here.  So, we spent some quality time together in the bathroom this week, and she went.  Hooray!  And we had success again this morning.  We've had some failures, but that's ok.  I think it bothered her more than it did me - on Friday, she kept talking about pooping on Cinderella (her big girl underwear, of course.)  And she seemed distraught, so maybe that'll help the cause!

Our future rock star...

We had a nice run around the house, too - we were both breathing hard after this one!

I love the sheer joy on her face here!

Ava's with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey until tomorrow at lunch, so we're going to have some adult time tonight.  I'm looking forward to getting out and having fun!

We bought a new shelf for all of her toys, which inspired a room makeover for Ava.  When she comes home tomorrow, it's going to be different!  We'll finally get her walls decorated, and her furniture moved around.  It's been the same since she came home from the hospital, so change is needed.  Looking forward to a fresh look!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cheese, Please!

I had no idea that getting a kitchen play set for Ava meant that I would have to clean up TWO kitchens every night!  The amount of dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and fake food that Ava manages to scatter around our house is ridiculous!  I laugh everytime I find a hamburger patty under the couch, or a fried egg in our bed.  It's almost like a game to see what food items I can locate when I sweep our floors.

Today, she set up her table and "bench" like she was having a picnic.  I really enjoyed the fact that she put a banana and a bunch of grapes in the coffee pot.  Even with all of the fake food she has, today all she wanted to do was chew on a piece of cheese.  Anyone who knows me, will know that this could be a sign that she is definitely MY daughter! :)  And to make it a little more sweet, she was saying a big ol' "Cheeeeese!" as I was attempting to take her picture.

It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota...most of the snow has melted from our front yard.  I am quite happy to see the brown, mushy grass, though...spring is really, truly almost here!  The next thing we need is a good rain to wash all of the winter guck away.  And THEN, we can get busy planting flowers and enjoying the sunshine. 

Ava and Scott did spend a fair amount of time outside today.  Scott was working on a truck, and Ava had a blast in the backyard playing in her little house, pulling the wagon around, and creating chalk designs all over the sidewalk.  Needless to say, she fell asleep right away tonight.  Fresh air to the rescue!

Northern MN is supposed to be getting snow tomorrow, but I am crossing my fingers and toes that it misses the Twin Cities completely.  I need the blue skies and sunshine...winter needs to be done!