Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life and Death

Funny how things can change in an instant. 

Last Saturday, we were celebrating life: our friends just had a new little girl about 5 weeks ago.  It's amazing seeing how tiny and new she is...her life is unwritten - it can be whatever she wants it to be!

Then last Sunday night, Scott got a call that there was something wrong with his dad, Bruce.  Bruce had been snowblowing (remember, we had a BIG snowstorm on Sunday), and had a massive heart attack.  A random person driving by happened to find him.  But, it just so happens, that the random person was an ambulance driver, and immediately began working on Bruce until the ambulance arrived.  Unfortunately, after 40 minutes of trying, Bruce couldn't be revived.  So, on Sunday night, at the young age of 59, Bruce Goers passed away.  Scott lost his father, Ava lost her grandpa, Sandy lost her husband, and many people lost their uncle, brother, and friend.

It's been an incredibly rough week.  Scott somehow managed to pull it all together, and we celebrated Bruce's life this past Friday.  There was a great turnout at the service, and we had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends!  Now that the "process" part is finished (well, the burial will happen this spring at Ft Snelling once things thaw), Scott can start to focus on his grief, and begin the healing process.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by this loss.

Rest in Peace, will be missed!

Bruce and Ava: Halloween 2010

Bruce, Sandy, and Ava: Christmas 2010

Bruce and Scott: Christmas 2010

It's been such a busy week, we've all passed out VERY quickly each night! 

Ava loves putting money in her piggy bank!

Don't forget to tell the people you love how much you care for them - you never know when it might be your last chance!

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Lisa said...

What a sweet picture of Ava sleeping. And with Grandpa Bruce. Again, I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss. Give Scott a hug for us.