Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm Eating Mommy...

Scott was out of town this weekend, so Ava and I had a little mommy-daughter time.  And frankly, we needed it!  I've been so busy at work that I haven't had much time to spend with Ava lately - generally the only time I've been seeing her is in the morning when I'm getting her ready to go to daycare.  And THAT has turned into a huge struggle every it's not always the most fun time we could spend together.

So, we had fun yesterday!  We did some baking, some eating, some playing, and some cartoon watching - and it was great!  At one point, while I was cleaning, she decided to set her table for lunch.  What I thought was interesting was the plasticware.  There's something very OCD about the arrangement...

And then I went into her bedroom and saw this display of books.  That's my girl!  She may look more like Scott, but she definitely has some of my tendancies!

We were eating apple slices for lunch, and she put three of the slices in one compartment on her plate.  She was playing with the fourth slice, and was pretending it was Mommy taking a shower (don't ask...)  When the Mommy Apple was done "getting clean", she picked it up and started to eat it...with this narrative, "I'm eating Mommy's hair.  I'm eating Mommy's face.  I'm eating Mommy's belly.  I'm eating Mommy's butt."  This process concerned me a little bit more than even the "Mommy in the trunk!" declaration!  Once again, not sure if it's safe for me in this house! :) 

Grandma Goers had the BEST banana bread recipe.  Whenever I find myself with a few extra bananas, I'll bake a loaf.  Yesterday, Ava helped me out!  She was incredibly excited to put the eggs in...and stir everything up!

I'm sure she was lecturing me about something here - what an angry look!

This is my favorite - I'm not sure if that's boredom on her face, or disgust!

Scott will be coming home in a few hours...just in time for me to work!  Happy Sunday!


Jean @ Typical Suburban Family said...

I think you need to post that banana bread recipe. I would love to make it too!!

Lisa said...

I'm behind on your blog! Cute baking photos! I think you need to sleep with one eye open around that place... :)