Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life and Death

Funny how things can change in an instant. 

Last Saturday, we were celebrating life: our friends just had a new little girl about 5 weeks ago.  It's amazing seeing how tiny and new she is...her life is unwritten - it can be whatever she wants it to be!

Then last Sunday night, Scott got a call that there was something wrong with his dad, Bruce.  Bruce had been snowblowing (remember, we had a BIG snowstorm on Sunday), and had a massive heart attack.  A random person driving by happened to find him.  But, it just so happens, that the random person was an ambulance driver, and immediately began working on Bruce until the ambulance arrived.  Unfortunately, after 40 minutes of trying, Bruce couldn't be revived.  So, on Sunday night, at the young age of 59, Bruce Goers passed away.  Scott lost his father, Ava lost her grandpa, Sandy lost her husband, and many people lost their uncle, brother, and friend.

It's been an incredibly rough week.  Scott somehow managed to pull it all together, and we celebrated Bruce's life this past Friday.  There was a great turnout at the service, and we had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends!  Now that the "process" part is finished (well, the burial will happen this spring at Ft Snelling once things thaw), Scott can start to focus on his grief, and begin the healing process.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by this loss.

Rest in Peace, will be missed!

Bruce and Ava: Halloween 2010

Bruce, Sandy, and Ava: Christmas 2010

Bruce and Scott: Christmas 2010

It's been such a busy week, we've all passed out VERY quickly each night! 

Ava loves putting money in her piggy bank!

Don't forget to tell the people you love how much you care for them - you never know when it might be your last chance!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Endless Love

Oh, so much love!  Love for Ava, love for Darla, love for, love, love!  We took a brief moment on Valentine's Day to capture some of this love on film...

Mommy and Ava

Daddy and Ava

Ava and just one box of many candies that she got for Valentine's Day...

Ava and her deep love affair for odd colored yogurt.  Notice that it's about ready to drip off the spoon...

Enjoying a red velvet cupcake from the Valentine's Day party at daycare.  Even better - they sent one home for Mommy, too!

You can only guess what happened next to Saint Darla.

We were in southern MN this weekend, visiting our friends Darren, Tiffany, Isabel, and their newest addition, Evelyn!  I forgot how cuddly and snuggly new babies are (Evelyn is a little over a month old.)  Tiny little cries, fragile little fingers, and that wonderful baby smell...oh so cute!  I absolutely couldn't believe how much Evelyn looks like Isabel did when she was born - those two Winfield girls are gonna be heartbreakers! 

I was interested to see how Ava would do with such a small baby...and basically, she ignored her.  Every once in a while, she would stop over and look at her as I was holding her, but that was about it.  There is a baby at daycare, and Ava absolutely adores her.  She always wants to feed her, change her diaper, play with her, etc.  Maybe Ava was too distracted playing with Isabel to pay much attention to Evelyn?  The good thing is that Ava and Isabel did have a blast together - and they spent lots of quality time in the bathroom.  Perhaps Isabel's success with potty training will get Ava interested again...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm Eating Mommy...

Scott was out of town this weekend, so Ava and I had a little mommy-daughter time.  And frankly, we needed it!  I've been so busy at work that I haven't had much time to spend with Ava lately - generally the only time I've been seeing her is in the morning when I'm getting her ready to go to daycare.  And THAT has turned into a huge struggle every it's not always the most fun time we could spend together.

So, we had fun yesterday!  We did some baking, some eating, some playing, and some cartoon watching - and it was great!  At one point, while I was cleaning, she decided to set her table for lunch.  What I thought was interesting was the plasticware.  There's something very OCD about the arrangement...

And then I went into her bedroom and saw this display of books.  That's my girl!  She may look more like Scott, but she definitely has some of my tendancies!

We were eating apple slices for lunch, and she put three of the slices in one compartment on her plate.  She was playing with the fourth slice, and was pretending it was Mommy taking a shower (don't ask...)  When the Mommy Apple was done "getting clean", she picked it up and started to eat it...with this narrative, "I'm eating Mommy's hair.  I'm eating Mommy's face.  I'm eating Mommy's belly.  I'm eating Mommy's butt."  This process concerned me a little bit more than even the "Mommy in the trunk!" declaration!  Once again, not sure if it's safe for me in this house! :) 

Grandma Goers had the BEST banana bread recipe.  Whenever I find myself with a few extra bananas, I'll bake a loaf.  Yesterday, Ava helped me out!  She was incredibly excited to put the eggs in...and stir everything up!

I'm sure she was lecturing me about something here - what an angry look!

This is my favorite - I'm not sure if that's boredom on her face, or disgust!

Scott will be coming home in a few hours...just in time for me to work!  Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We had a successful trip to Kids Hair this past weekend...I had been telling Scott how Ava cried and cried every time I took her to get her hair cut.  So, of course, the one time he comes along, she's perfectly fine.  Frankly, whatever it takes works for me! 

In fact, Ava was so sedated by Scooby Doo and a sucker, that she even let the hair dresser put two ponytails in her hair!  I know I'm biased, but I think she looks so darn cute!  I'm pretty sure that neither she nor I will be that patient when I attempt this 'do in the future!

Ava had a great weekend with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey...they played in the snow, did taste testing for the Superbowl party, and kept each other out of trouble! 

In the meantime, Scott and I had a very nice 24 hours to hang out - we went out to dinner, then to the Winter Carnival Vulcan Victory Dance on Saturday night.  On Sunday, we managed to squeeze in a movie before heading over to Deb and Whitey's house for the Superbowl party.  It was a great, fun-filled weekend!  Just what we needed after a very busy few weeks!