Saturday, January 29, 2011

Funny Girl

This has been a horrible week at work.  Nothing to do with the job itself, just technology related issues that have created chaos.  Therefore, I barely had time to breathe, eat, or relax.  How does this affect you?  It really shouldn't, but it means I have no pics to post this week.

However...Ava said some pretty darn funny things this week:

We were watching "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" earlier this week, and I heard a character say "Virtualizing!"  What's the next thing out of Ava's mouth?  "VIRTUALIZNG!"  I know I might be biased, but I think that's a pretty big word for a 2 year old to produce.

Same evening, but later, as we were giving her a bath, she looked at me, stuck her finger in her bum, and told me, "I'm taking my temp so I can have medicine!"  There are so many things wrong with that, on so many levels, that all I could respond with was a blank look, and a tiny giggle.  Note: she had been sick earlier in the week, so we had been taking her temp a lot.

Ava was playing with her Little People dollhouse, that somehow now has 1 daddy, 2 mommies, and 2 babies.  And a unicorn.  She looks at me and states, "Mommy needs to go in the trunk!"  We spent about 5 minutes trying to clarify if she was saying "trunk" or "truck".  She stuck with "trunk."  Not sure I like where this story was going.  When questioned again an hour later, she slyly looked at me and said, "Truck, Mommy, truck!"  All I know is that I'm not sleeping with both eyes closed anymore.

You might remember that we were decorating the house last weekend with those heart-shaped clings for the windows.  She's managed to tear two of the hearts in half.  So she walks one over to the trash and says "My heart broke.  I'm throwing it away."  Sigh.  This one made me a little sad.

And I finally got a question answered that popped up a few weeks ago.  I always thought Scooter was a boy (I realize he's not's just easier to assign a gender to the purple cat), but last week Ava kept referring to Scooter as a girl.  This sorta changed everything that I knew about Scooter - and I wasn't okay with it.  Imagine my delight this morning when Scooter once again became a boy.  And then Ava told me she was a boy.  I told her that her daddy would be happy to hear that.  She then pranced away to get ready to go out tonight.  No way is she a boy.

Even though we're both busy, at least we get the chance to laugh at the funny things Ava says!


Jean w/ Typical Suburban Family said...

She is so cute! I love what a 2 year old comes up with and how their mind works. It gets a lot sneakier and tall-tailish as they become 4 ;-) I like the innocent of 2 years.

Lisa said...

Ava might be happy to hear that the ear thermometers work great! :) I also just got the one that you swipe across their forehead but (thankfully) haven't needed it just yet.

Keep your eye on her whenever you are getting something out of your trunk!