Saturday, January 29, 2011

Funny Girl

This has been a horrible week at work.  Nothing to do with the job itself, just technology related issues that have created chaos.  Therefore, I barely had time to breathe, eat, or relax.  How does this affect you?  It really shouldn't, but it means I have no pics to post this week.

However...Ava said some pretty darn funny things this week:

We were watching "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" earlier this week, and I heard a character say "Virtualizing!"  What's the next thing out of Ava's mouth?  "VIRTUALIZNG!"  I know I might be biased, but I think that's a pretty big word for a 2 year old to produce.

Same evening, but later, as we were giving her a bath, she looked at me, stuck her finger in her bum, and told me, "I'm taking my temp so I can have medicine!"  There are so many things wrong with that, on so many levels, that all I could respond with was a blank look, and a tiny giggle.  Note: she had been sick earlier in the week, so we had been taking her temp a lot.

Ava was playing with her Little People dollhouse, that somehow now has 1 daddy, 2 mommies, and 2 babies.  And a unicorn.  She looks at me and states, "Mommy needs to go in the trunk!"  We spent about 5 minutes trying to clarify if she was saying "trunk" or "truck".  She stuck with "trunk."  Not sure I like where this story was going.  When questioned again an hour later, she slyly looked at me and said, "Truck, Mommy, truck!"  All I know is that I'm not sleeping with both eyes closed anymore.

You might remember that we were decorating the house last weekend with those heart-shaped clings for the windows.  She's managed to tear two of the hearts in half.  So she walks one over to the trash and says "My heart broke.  I'm throwing it away."  Sigh.  This one made me a little sad.

And I finally got a question answered that popped up a few weeks ago.  I always thought Scooter was a boy (I realize he's not's just easier to assign a gender to the purple cat), but last week Ava kept referring to Scooter as a girl.  This sorta changed everything that I knew about Scooter - and I wasn't okay with it.  Imagine my delight this morning when Scooter once again became a boy.  And then Ava told me she was a boy.  I told her that her daddy would be happy to hear that.  She then pranced away to get ready to go out tonight.  No way is she a boy.

Even though we're both busy, at least we get the chance to laugh at the funny things Ava says!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clings & Things

Ava's getting more independent in the mornings - she now takes off her pjs, puts them away, picks out her "big girl" underwear, and sometimes her own outfits (which I often have to veto since they usually consist of t-shirts and shorts...and -16F isn't really the best combo with exposed legs!)  She's also figured out how to get the top off of her lip gloss containers, and often, she is looking quite shiny and sparkly by the time I get to her!

The other day I walked by her room, and I thought she had one of Scooter's diapers on her head.  After closer inspection, it turned out to be a hat.  I still thought it was pretty cute!

And speaking of hats...when she's done with a meal, she is DONE.  The bib comes off, and she wants to get down to play.  The bib often gets stuck on her head, tho...this night it was particularly funny as she reminded me of a little pirate, especially in the last picture of this bunch. 

Relaxing on a Sunday morning...

Helping Mommy put up a few decorations for Valentine's Day.  These clings are the best - she had a blast putting them up, taking them down...and putting them up, taking them down...and so on...

It's not often that Ava will share her blanket, but she insisted that Darla wear it today.  Even though she really didn't want to!

The face of a furry saint...

Hoping to get caught up on a few things this afternoon...nothing better than relaxing on the couch, with my laptop, listening to the game(s) in the background.  And trying to stay warm - it's been brutal the last week or so...although, swimming suits are on the racks in the stores now, so it gives me hope that warmer weather isn't that far away!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Taking a Time Out

Oh what a naughty, naughty little girl we have.  You know it's bad when the child tells on herself to you (true story from last week...)  When asked what she did wrong, she listed off her wrongdoings, and then proclaimed that she was naughty.  Putting her in time out doesn't seem to be working anymore, as she talks about going into time out on her own.  We've found that taking Scooter and Blankie away from her sometimes works...and sometimes it doesn't.  It really depends on her mood.  We've just come to accept the fact that we have one sassy litle girl.  Frankly, I'd rather have a kid with an attitude than one without any sort of personality.  I can only imagine what she'll be like in 10 more years...

We all had an incredibly busy week - so busy that we didn't even take any pictures!  I started my new job, which means a location move, meeting all new people, trying to learn different applications, and still managing my old job.  Ava was busy punching kids at daycare, and making lifesize kangaroos.  Somedays, I think I'd rather be two than thirty-four.

It's definitely a lazy Sunday - I'm watching football, Scott's working on the house, and Ava's chattering away at the top of her lungs.  I'm trying to work up the motivation to run to the grocery store, but it's not happening as quickly as I'd like.

Hopefully we'll get more energy as the new week starts - along with some new stories and pics!  Have a great week!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two More Christmases and One Unicorn

We are 100% officially done with Christmas 2010!  Our Christmas celebrations stretched over 1 month for this holiday season...and now we can focus on Valentine's Day!

Last Sunday we had Grandpa Bruce (Scott's dad) and Grandma Sandy over for Christmas dinner...and gifts for Ava, of course.  She has totally caught on to the idea of presents, and now we have a hard time keeping her from opening any gift she sees!

She absolutely LOVES the little vanity that she received from Bruce and Sandy.  It came with a toy hair dryer, which she likes to use at the same time Mommy is getting ready in the morning.  Plus, it has a drawer - the perfect place for all of her play makeup and jewelry that she got this year.  I found her today in her room, twirling in circles, talking on her phone, telling someone that she needed to start getting ready to go out.  Atta girl! 

Grandpa Bruce and Princess Ava...and Darla, posing for the camera

Reading about Alice in Wonderland

Grandma Sandy providing support for Ava

The vanity!

And let's not forget the guitar...oh she rocked it!

She recevied the unicorn pillow pet on Christmas Eve...last week she was trying to ride it around her room!

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with Grandma Deb (Scott's mom) and Grandpa Whitey...and peas disguised as blueberries!  (Not really, but that's what Ava thought the topping on the cheesecake was...)  She received another round of really great gifts, including her first luggage set (super cute!), and a great guitar/piano/drum toy.  Apparently the grandparents decided that Christmas 2010 was the year to give instruments...but not to keep at THEIR houses of course! :)

Ava and Buddy waiting patiently to open gifts...

Really cute boots for the snow

This package was as big as she was, and she couldn't wait to get into it!

Ta-da!  A three-piece luggage set! Perfect for trips to the grandparents' houses!

And the last gift of the evening...

Again, waiting patiently for Daddy to put the strap on her guitar/drum/piano

Showing Grandma Deb how it works...

And finishing off the evening with a quick game of soccer.  We also found out that she is NOT a fan of keep-away...

Quick update on Mommy...I have accepted a new job (same company), and will be leaving the Travel division at BI.  I'll be heading back to the Technology Solutions Group...full circle from when I first started at BI!  I'm excited about this change, and am looking forward to learning new things, and meeting a few new people (although I've already worked with quite a few of the people on my new team in my last stint there!)

See, 2011 is off to a great start already!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sledding, Monsters, and 2011!

Finally, the holidays are really coming to an end!  With all of our free time, we were able to fit in a few fun activities.  We bought a sled for Ava for Christmas, and thought it would be fun to get her out in the snow.  Boy, were we wrong!  That girl did NOT like being in the snow!  But, Scott and I had fun, so 66% ain't too bad!

Heading down with Daddy

Mommy's turn

Ava wanted nothing to do with that...and took off down the street!

She might have been smart not to go down with Mommy.

Sending her down on her own

NOT a good idea!

After recovering from the sledding adventure, she took a bath (as usual.)  She likes to run around and pretend to be a monster - and terrorize the puppies!

Spanky hiding under the tree...

She received a couple of dress-up outfits as Christmas presents.  Cute, but they are loaded with glitter!

Less than thrilled with having to pose for pics...

And she finally let me put a barrette in her hair...yippee!

We went down to Grand Meadow to ring in 2011 with the Winfields, the Nelsons, and the Reids.  We were supposed to get a horrible storm, but luckily, we only encountered a little bit of sleet and fog on the way down.  Once we got to the Winfield's house, we parked on their steep driveway.  And 15 minutes later, the neighbor came over to tell us our truck had slid down the driveway into the street...yikes!  We're just happy that it's not a busy street!

The evening was a great success...friends, kids, and food - what could be better!  We all stayed awake until midnight to ring in the year (I'll admit, I took a little nap around 10:30pm.)  Even all of the kids (except for Charlie) stayed awake.  We eventually had to give up on the idea of Ava sleeping in Isabel's room...they were just too stimulated, and weren't settling down to sleep.  

Ava isn't one of those kids who sleeps in if she stays up later.  After she went to bed around 11:30 on Friday night, we thought we might get her to sleep until 8am.  Oh no.  She was up starting at 4am...and never went back to sleep.  She just so badly wanted to play with Isabel!  Let's just say that we all started off 2011 with a serious lack of sleep!

Isabel was nice and shared her skirts with Ava..what a bunch of girls!

There's Charlie, playing with the new camera!

A little adult mommy time is always needed...

This is my favorite picture from the night - look at Charlie poking out from behind Erik!  That boy knows how to work the camera!

Awwww...Erik and Charlie

He's just too cute!

This sweet moment last for maybe 20 seconds.

Getting ready for the countdown!

Dee and a very pregnant Tiffany!  (She's so close!)

This is what a sleep-deprived toddler looks like.  Crabby.

And...she's out.

So far, the first few days of 2011 have been very busy!  We have a Christmas gathering this afternoon, and then we *might* have some downtime before the next one.  Here's to hoping that 2011 is a fantastic year for all!