Sunday, October 17, 2010


Even though this has been an unseasonably warm fall, we decided to get into the fall spirit.  I finally pulled out our fall decor yesterday, and now we have a festive feel to the house!  I made up Halloween treat bags for all the kids at daycare for their party, and have been trying to convince Ava that being a ladybug is CUTE and not scary.  She wanted nothing to do with the wings and antennae - in fact, she ran away, screaming, "NO, Mommy!" when I tried to put them on her.  Of course, she liked seeing me wear them. :)  Ava has been running around telling us that she's Cinderella, though, so maybe we'll have to go the princess route.

I made a yummy apple crisp last weekend, and I think today, we're going to make some Halloween cookies.  To add to the fun, Scott thought it would be fun to have Miss Ava jump in a pile of leaves he made for her.  Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling the best when we tried, so there wasn't a lot of enthusiasm, and even some tears.  I thought it was supposed to be fun...!

Hm.  Not really sure.

She somehow managed to fall out of the pile of leaves...

Here's what gets me - it's mid-October...and our roses are still beautiful and blooming!

One tired baby...she decided to curl up in the kitchen to go to sleep.  You can barely see it, but Scooter is her pillow.

Time to get moving and be productive...after 48 hours of running a high fever, it appears that Ava is finally getting back to being her silly self.  She is one funny ball of energy this morning!


Lisa said...

Poor Ava with the whole fever deal. Something is going around. Dylan woke up with a fever today (we're at the cabin in Turtle Lake with Erik's family). He's sleeping again right now. Apple crisp sounds so good! Look at you, Miss Susie Homemaker!

Typical Suburban Family said...

Apple crisp... yum!!! Looks like a lot of fall fun happening up there in MN. Too bad Ava wasn't feeling the best though :-( You still managed some super cute pictures though!!