Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunshine and Shades

Where did September go?  I was sitting outside yesterday, trying to stay warm in the sun, and realized that just one month ago, I was sweltering in the heat.  I've always had a hard time with the end of summer...but, there are a few really fantastic things about fall, though: the crazy football frenzy, of course, plus, we get to start wearing warm, cozy clothes, eating thick chilis and comfort food, and every once in awhile, we get to have a surprisingly beautiful day, with a cloudless blue sky, and just enough heat to stay warm without a coat.

And then winter comes, and makes itself comfortable.  For six months.  And then it really, really sucks.

In any case, last Sunday, the three of us went for a walk by the Mississippi after dinner.  It was a great night, and I was able to get some pictures of Ava, prior to all of the nasty falls she took while running.  She was quite fascinated with all of the blood that came from her knee after one particularly bad spill!  She's a trooper though, she just got up, shook it off, and kept on going!

Our neighbor had a tree pulled out of their front yard, and once the stump was gone, he needed to spread some fresh dirt.  Look at his little helper!

Ava thought it would be fun for everyone to wear sunglasses one night.  I particularly enjoyed seeing Scott wearing her tiny little Tinkerbell shades!  Only a little girl, who has Daddy completely wrapped around her finger, could get Scott to do this.

For the millionth time...Darla is SUCH a good dog!

Intensely focused on Phineas and Ferb.

This kid has great dental hygiene - she'd walk around with a toothbrush all day if we'd let her!  Here we were getting ready to take her to her first booya - very important to have clean teeth there!

Time to go back outside and relax in the sun!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Funny Things She Does

Little Ava has been playing so hard during the day (trying to take advantage of the nice weather before the snow flies, I'm sure!), but she also hasn't been doing too great at taking her afternoon naps.  We try to leave her alone for at least an hour when she fights her naps, but after that, the non-stop tears get to be a little too much to take.  On those days where she doesn't take a nap, she gets really crabby, really fast, right around bathtime.

Usually this means that as soon as we put her down for the night, she'll be out.  BUT, she's also taken to pulling all of her sheets, blankets and pillow off of the bed and putting them on the floor.  If she knew how to re-make her bed, it wouldn't be an issue, but c'mon...she's only two!  This is what we found the other night when we went to check on her. Clearly she was so tired, she couldn't even be bothered to go back into bed!

Just a few nights later, we found her passed out like this.  SO relaxed, for sure!

She's also becoming very entertaining at mealtimes.  In addition to saying the weirdest things at the best times, she's started making faces.  Scott only encourages this behavior by doing it right back to her...

Right now is one of those times where she should be napping, but instead, we're outside, and she's emptying out a box full of golf balls, one by one.  Hey, whatever keeps her entertained and out of trouble! 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rocky Mountain Love

Finally...Scott was able to experience the beauty of Colorado!  One of my high school friends was getting married, AND my parents moved back to CO this past spring, so we had two wonderful reasons to go and visit.  The great news is that the flights aren't too pricey, and even though it should have been two hours each way, the pilots were able to knock it down to 1.5 hours instead.  WAY better than the 15 hour drive it would take each way to get there.

I love Colorado.  The mountains, the weather, the people, the sunshine, everything.  Going back was like going home.  I was so proud to be able to show Scott my home state.  It's so different than the midwest - they are both beautiful in their own right.  If there was a way I could figure out how to live in CO part time, I would be all over it.

We had a wonderful visit with my high school friends, as well the chance to walk through my parent's new place - they are moving in this week!  We also drove up to Breckenridge on Saturday, and took Scott over Loveland Pass - the site of the Continental Divide.  It was a quick, but fun-filled trip!

We had dinner at LoDo's in Highlands Ranch - rooftop dining with a view of the Rockies!

On Friday night we drove up to Christie's of Genesee for the wedding...what a perfect venue to get married!

The happy couple: Brandi and Jerry

Me and Corrie

Jamie, me, Corrie, and the last-minute-add, Eric.

Erin and Nick

The bride - looking lovely!

The moon was a great addition to the scene...we actually sang our high school alma mater here.  Or, at least what we could remember of it.

Nick, Jamie, Laura, Erin, Brandi, Dee, Corrie and Eric

The next day, we drove up to Breck...

There was a Celtic Festival happening while we were was festive, all right!

This is the view from the Continental Divide - 12000 feet!

The next trip is scheduled for November for Thanksgiving - I can't wait to get Ava out there so she can fall in love with it...just like her mommy!

Hats, Cats & Dilly Bars

We've been back from Colorado for almost a week, and of course, we slacked off on taking pics right before and right after our trip.  Here are just a few cute ones of Ava modeling a few different hats...she's taking right after her daddy - she loves to wear hats!

Scott was a nice husband and went to DQ a few weeks back and came back with my favorite - cherry Dilly Bars!  Of course, we had to let Ava try one...

And what would this blog be without an appearance by Scooter?  Now renamed to "Scoots".  Scott thought it would be fun to hang him up on the baby gate.  Ava failed to see the humor in it.

Colorado pics to come next...!