Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Time!

Ava's been showing an increased amount in going potty...and not in her diaper.  She freaks out if her diaper gets dirty, and lets us know when she wants to be changed.  At daycare last week, she went in her diaper and then started to take off her shorts while she was outside so Debi could change the diaper RIGHT THERE.  If she sees a commercial for Pull-Ups, she talks about going potty.  If either of us go in the bathroom, she tells the other that "Mommy/Daddy going potty!"

So, it's time.  And of course, I have no idea what to do.  I know there's charts and books, and rewards and movies, but I really have no idea how to pull it all together.  Well...thank goodness for Facebook - I put out a call for help on ideas, and got many great responses.  I think the overwhelming comment was that we need to take a weekend, let her drink all she wants, and put her in underwear, so she feels what it's like to be wet. 

We've got the plan, and now we just need to execute it.  And that's the tough part.  We'll see how it goes - and I'll be sure to post updates.  Just not too detailed of ones. :)

Before I forget - Happy Birthday, Papa Doug!  Hope you and Mom are enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather!

Ava's going to spend the evening/night/tomorrow with Grandma Deb and Tatiana.  They're going to take a trip to the splash pool in SSP, so that should be a blast!  I hope the weather is wonderful so they get a chance to have fun in the sun!

My gun class is going well - on Thursday we learned all about the best place to shoot and kill a deer.  And tomorrow night, I'm pretty sure I'm going to learn how to gut a deer.  I thought I was signing up for a class on firearms.  Not hunting.  Oh well, never hurts to learn something new, right?  I just might never eat meat again...!  This Thursday I have my test, and then Saturday morning, we'll be at the range for our "field experience"...I think all of the girls in the class are excited - there were a lot of questions about range day on Thursday night.  Scott's going to bring out some of his guns for me this week, so I can review all of the different parts.

Now, onto the cute stuff...!

Ava still loves the big caterpillar I bought for her when she was six months old - now it's become a very comfy body pillow.

We had pudding for dessert last night.  What a mess.  And Scott was having fun showing Ava how spoons can be toys, too.  He's just a big kid in disguise!

She was fascinated by the Disney Channel this morning.  She refused to stop and pose for the camera.

I think Scott and I are going to try to see the movie "Inception" tonight while Ava's gone.  I've heard that it's amazing, jaw dropping, funny, and all-around awesome.  That works for me!  Once again, thanks to Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey for taking Ava overnight so we can spend some time together - we appreciate it!


Jean said...

Definitely keep us posted with the potty training. When we did it with Ryan we just set a timer and had him "try" to go every 30 minutes or so. He caught on in no time. The key is just to be consistent with whatever method you go with. Owen love, love, LOVES to wear underwear over his diaper and cries if we don't put them on. But he isn't a big fan of going pee pee in the potty. He's going to be a difficult one to potty train because he is very strong willed and stubborn :-)

Megan said...

Have fun at class! I was trying to be the cool teacher and show videos of skinning, gutting, etc to my wildlife class last year. Pretty sure I was the only one who hadn't seen that and I was so grossed out, the kids had more fun watching my reaction than the video. I'm glad you're taking an all girls class. My friends would text me funny questions the little guys would ask ("Do we have to write in cursive in our workbook?") haha :)