Sunday, May 16, 2010

26 Hours in a Day

Just yesterday morning, I was thinking to myself that I could really use a few more hours each day.  We don't sleep a whole lot, both work long hours at our jobs, try to play with Ava as much as we can at night and on the weekends, and then we have to do all of the adult-stuff...paying bills, grocery shopping, cleaning, work on side jobs, house projects, etc.  If there were only 26 hours in a day, we could:

*Sleep just an extra 30 minutes - we need it since the dogs have been waking us up each weekend day at 5:30am.  What could be SO urgent that they need to get us up then?!?  You'd think we only feed them once a week, or something.

*Spend an extra hour with Ava...we could go to the park every night, take an extra long bath, read a few extra stories, and just enjoy the giggles and chattiness.

*Take 30 minutes to talk to each other about how things are going.  With Scott leaving for work each day before 5am, and then all of the craziness that ensues when I get home at night, we barely have time to say "Hi-HowWasYourDay?-ILoveYou-andGoodNight" before we have to repeat the whole thing again the next day.  It's hard.  Scott's family is GREAT at watching Ava so we can have a few date nights here and there - we just need to do better at planning them.

In reality, if we had an extra 2 hours, we'd probably use them to work - both at our jobs, and around the house.  Not on the important inter-personal relationships.  Sigh.

Can you tell it's been a busy week?  The good news is that I started my spring cleaning, and the main floor bathroom is so sparkly clean and fresh.  At this rate of one room at a time, it'll take me all summer to get my spring cleaning done!  We (Scott) also planted our garden today, and we (me) planted all of our flowers.  Weeding provides me with deep satisfaction - it's instant gratification at its finest.  I do have to wonder if the neighbors saw me freak out yesterday as I pulled up a clump of weeds, and quite possibly, the slimiest worm came out with it...there was jumping, shuddering, and yelling.  I do not like worms.  So Scott had to show me an even longer worm that came out of the garden today - for a brief instant, I thought he was going to throw it at me.  Puke.

Ava also had three more teeth pop through on Friday - she's now got the full set on top and bottom, and we're just waiting for those 2-year molars to come through.  She's also moving into tattle-tell mode.  Scott was changing her diaper, and while we're not exactly sure what she said, we think she was "telling on him" to me. Moments later, she ran into the bathroom, found me perched on her foot stool (I was replacing the glass shades on the lights - cleaning, remember?), and yelled, "Daddy!  Mommy's on the stool!"  She seemed very distraught that I dared to use her stool.  We need to get her a sibling QUICK so she learns how to share. :)

Alrighty, just 10 more things I need to do before bed.  And I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be in bed by 9pm tonight - working on that additional sleep, you know?

Have a wonderful week, and try to find the time to do something that you truly enjoy!  Maybe we don't really need those extra 2 hours, after all...


Megan said...

"We need to get her a sibling QUICK".....AGREE :)

Anonymous said...

So with this QUICK sibling is there some news to share??? Are you already on your way to a sibling????

The Goers said...

Ha! No big news to share...the sibling is a far twinkle in our eyes right now. :)

Lisa said...

I would love to have a few more hours in the day. That is so funny that Ava is turning into a little tattle-tale on you! We've got to teach her that girls have to stick together. :)