Sunday, April 18, 2010

#1 Puppy

If you know us, you know we have three dogs.  Two of which aren't as kid-friendly as they should be, and one who is the most patient, loving dog imagineable.  I believe it's because Darla had 2 litters of her own, and she just gets it.  She will let Ava hug her, pet her, kiss her, attempt to ride her, and generally let Ava love her as much as she wants.  But now, Ava's trying something new: sunglasses.  I keep picturing an eyeball being popped out of its socket, but apparently, this isn't one of Darla's concerns. Just mine.  No biggie.

I haven't been successful in getting a pic with the desired results, but I'm sure an opportunity will come along soon enough...

Once Scott came back last weekend, we had a quick trip to the park.  Ava was good on the small playground, but then she was ready to take on the big kids playground.  She was totally flirting with a little boy that was there...what a surprise! :)

Check out that static!

And apparently, in the rest of our time, all we do is eat.  And not even healthy stuff...look at this: Peeps!  Popsicles!  What the heck are we thinking??

Her first Peep...

Mommy had to take deep breaths with this one...don't they make non-messy popsicles?

Ava loves to run around naked before her bath...this night, apparently she was going to the beach.  She's all set with her towel and my Tevas.  Who needs a swimming suit anyway?

Honestly, this picture is more for my enjoyment.  For some reason, Ava's placement of Elmo and the bunny in the chair made me giggle.  I thought it looked like Elmo was lecturing the bunny.  Scott thought it looked like Elmo was trying to get it on with the bunny.  It's the little things in life, right? :)

I leave tomorrow morning for my first business trip in almost 3 years.  I'm staffing a travel event in Palm Springs, CA, for one of my clients.  I have mixed emotions about leaving...I'm really excited to be traveling somewhere new, but at the same time, I'm going to be away from home for 8 days.  After tonight, I won't see Ava (and Scott) again until the morning of April 27.  That just seems so far away.  I know it'll be fine, but my heart is breaking just a little at the thought of it.  Plus, I'll be away from them on my birthday - yeah, I know, I'm a big girl now, and it really shouldn't matter, but it kinda does in this case.  Oh well, I'll shake it off and make the best of it.  Hopefully I'll get some great pics from the desert!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally...the Playground!

With Scott out of town today/tomorrow, Ava and I had a great girl's day together!  She helped me clean the house this morning, and after a good nap this afternoon, we went down to the playground at the school, and then came back for a spin around the backyard in the CC.  I'm hoping she sleeps well tonight - it was the perfect day to be outside.  Sunny and warm, and not very breezy. 

It was fun being at the playground today...we hadn't been there since last fall, and my, how things have changed from 7 months ago.  Last year she sorta played on the equipment, but we really needed to be right by her.  She took off running when she saw the equipment today, and walked right up those stairs on her own.  Granted, she didn't even want to go through the plastic tube (yup, that hasn't changed since last year), so she really spent about 30 minutes walking up and down the stairs.  And up and down.  And up and down.  I don't think she would have ever stopped on her own if I hadn't eventually picked her up to head home.  It was really neat to see her walking down the stairs instead of sliding down on her little booty.  Overall, she did really well holding onto the railing - there were only a few times where she got distracted by passing kids or planes, and even a leaf one time, where she started to lose her balance.  Most of the time she was able to catch herself, but one time, well, let's just say it was a good thing I was right on the stairs with her!

We're looking forward to going back with Daddy next time so I can take more pictures.  Plus, I don't have the mad sliding skills that he has, or the strength to continuously pick her up and put her at the top of the slide.  I lasted 3 times and then I was done.  For the record, I kept telling her that everything would be easier if she would just put those darn fishies down.  Note to self: bring snacks, but don't give them to her until she asks for them.

Around the House

We all ended up with a bug this week, so while we had many things we wanted to get done, we were pretty restricted in the types of fun we had.  This bug worked its way through daycare as well, so I'm hoping we'll be healthy for a bit.

Normally, Ava feeds herself with a fork, spoon, or her fingers.  This night she was really resistent to whatever we were having for dinner.  Scott thought he should take the matter into his hands.  Clearly, it was not well received.

Ava loves riding on Daddy's foot!

Maybe Daddy will take Scooter to work one day...Ava doesn't look too happy at the thought of that.

The other day (just yesterday??) I heard a loud noise from Ava's bedroom as I was getting ready for work.  Until I hear crying, I try not to worry too much about what she's getting into.  This was the last thing I expected to see...

Apparently Scooter was ready for his early morning stroll...and notice all the shoes!

That would be an Easter bunny she's using as a pillow.  Not sure why the stool is where it is...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Blessings

We had a wonderful Easter!  We started the morning off with french toast, sausage and banana smoothies, and ate our way through the rest of the day.  Yum!  The Easter Bunny came to visit Ava this year, but he seemed a little distracted.  She got an odd assortment of treats - a book, some barrettes, a veggie tales cucumber filled with jelly beans, and some Peeps!  Mommy's favorite!  Thanks Mr. Easter Bunny!

Anyway, I think we'll need to have a talk with the EB next year to make sure Ava gets more candy. :)  Ava did have a wonderful week leading up to Easter - she made 2 different craft projects (proudly displayed at Mommy's work), baked Easter cookies, dyed some eggs, had an egg hunt, and even came home with a bag full of candy.  Thank goodness Daycare Debi stepped up and filled the role of the EB this year. In the EB's defense, things have been a little crazy and busy, so don't be too hard on our furry friend.

We celebrated with Scott's mom's family in Cottage Grove.  Since I'm an only child, and Scott's brother doesn't have any kids, Ava doesn't have any first cousins.  But, she has a whole bunch of first cousins, once removed, and she had a blast playing with a few of them yesterday! 

I think Grandma Deb deserves a medal for how much energy she expended yesterday playing with the kids.  She entertained them for hours - blowing bubbles with them, spinning them around the yard like an airplane, swinging them, taking them (and me) for a long walk, and then showing them how to do a handstand and somersaults (if only I had gotten a picture of those activities...but I didn't Deb, so no worries!)  The girls just loved playing with Deb - although Ava got mighty jealous when Deb was holding Savante - the newest cousin and only boy! 

Ava thinks drawing on the card from Grandpa Bruce is more fun than opening it...

Look at how the dogs swarm when treats come out.  If only Spanky and Lucky liked Ava this much!

"Hmmm, these must be for my Mommy.  Did you know that many years ago, my Mommy once received an endless supply of Peeps for Easter?  So many that even she couldn't eat them all.  That's a lot of Peeps."

This was my Easter basket growing up...and very possibly the same grass.  Ava's not too sure about the fake stuff.

We decided to try out some sunglasses on Scooter.

And then on Ava.

Blowing bubbles!

So sweet...cousins Tatiana and Ava.

Ava loved chasing after the football - Grandma Deb even showed her how to kick it!

Lining up for the airplane ride a.k.a. Deb

Savante was too young this year, but next year, watch out!

I did tell Scott that next year I want to be sure to start talking to Ava about the meaning of Easter.  His reply was, "Oh, not about how it's a day to shoot the Easter Bunny?"  Yup, that's my hunter.  Sheesh.

Hope your Easter was blessed!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Joy of Spring

Spring is here! For the first time since the 1800's, Minnesota saw a March without any snow.  It's simply amazing...the grass is turning green, the trees are budding, and flowers are starting to poke through the ground.  It is simply lovely to be free of the snow and cold!

The kids have been able to play outside the last few weeks at daycare...apparently, Ava didn't want to come in one day, and sulked in her highchair over lunch.  She refused to eat lunch or even drink any milk because she didn't want to come in from outside!  I can't say I blame her...

One night last week, Ava even gave up her CC to Scooter...she happily pushed him around the yard.

And then Scooter had a chance to ride her tricycle - since his legs are so short, Ava kindly wheeled him around.

With the new season comes a reason to eat a little better - pool season will be here before we know it!  However, I thought I would treat us and bought some Golden Chocolate Oreos last week...kinda like a reverse Oreo - vanilla cookie with chocolate on the inside.  They are SO good.  And SO messy.

Ava's such an active girl, that I like to capture these moments when I can.  Our little angel...

I think Ava might end up being a shoe-girl.  She loves clearing out all of my boots in the closet...thank goodness many of the shoes are out of her reach!  She seems to really like this pair - I've found them all over the main floor of our house.

These are just some random pics from before dinner the other day.  I'm not sure what she was trying to accomplish with the chairs - notice how she's trying to line them up so carefully...