Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scooter & Puppy: A Sad Story

This has been one crazy week...happy, crabby, sick, tired, blah!  We started off the week on a high note.  Ava had some good days at daycare, and was a sweet child at home.  She decided to curl up in the massive caterpillar one night before dinner.  It must have been fun, as her teddy bear, Scooter, and Blankie all got the same treatment.

Lucky teddy bear...

Now Scooter and Blankie...

After she was done with that, she decided that some of her little friends needed to be tucked into bed.  Here you can see Dollie, a tea cup, Puppy and Glo-Worm all tucked in.  Clearly, Ava was in a sharing mood...her socks and shoes were also invited to bed.

I don't do very well at geting pics of Ava and me.  She looks terrified in this one!

What a proper girl - look at that pinky!

So, our week was off to a great start!  And then the puking began.  She began coughing one night, so I went to check on her.  There was um, a yucky smell in her room.  And when I turned on the lights, it was obvious both her lunch and dinner were all over her bed.  And Scooter and Puppy.  Scott came to help me, and he just about passed out when he walked into her room.  I asked him if he wanted take care of her or the sheets.  He said the sheets, so I questioned him. As it turns out, he didn't really mean the sheets.  So, Scott cleaned her up, and I spent an hour cleaning the sheets and attempting to save Scooter and Puppy.  Everything came our sparkly clean except our little purple kitty and white puppy.  I'm going to make one last attempt to rescue them, and if not, well, Ava, you'll need some new friends.  And I'll need another new name for this blog!

The good news is that it was a 24-hour bug, and she was as good as new the next night.  The even better news?  Neither Scott nor I became sick.  That's a first!

Ava was feeling well enough that we decided to go down to Grand Meadow to visit our friends Darren, Tiffany and Isabel.  Tiff and I went to get massages so the girls were left with the daddies.  Sounds like they played GREAT together!  And last night when we went out to dinner, they even kissed each other - pretty darn cute!  I think they're finally at a point where the 8-month difference isn't as apparent.

I had been hoping to get a picture of the two of them playing together, so I tried this morning before we left.  Scott's child was not in the mood to have her picture taken, so instead here's a pic of the other happy child, attempting to tie her shoelaces.

Isabel is getting so big!

The drive home seemed extra long, but Ava became a little happier as she snacked on her Cheerios.  When we got home, she immediately dug into her bag, and began diapering Dollie.  She used a wipe and everything.  Although, she first used the wipe on Dollie's face - so that doll is extra clean!

Ta-da!  (She might have had some help...)

So, the week started off well, hit rock bottom, and then is working its way back up.  Here's to hoping that the first full week of Spring is a happy one!


Jean said...

I'm glad to hear Ava's bug didn't last long (and that you and Scott didn't get it!), but I'm so, so sad to hear about Scooter. He's mentioned in most every post.... it just won't be the same without him. Have you tried just tossing him into the washing machine??

Megan said...

Looks like Ava is ready to babysit so we can go out!! I'm sure between her and Isabel they could keep Charlie in line.