Saturday, March 27, 2010

Uh, Rollover at the Garage!

First things first...Scooter and Puppy are safe!  They went through some intense soaking with "Kids N Pets" - best stuff's a must-have if you have, well, kids and pets.  They also went through several rounds of washing in the washing machine, so they are nice and clean, and stink-free.  Tonight's the first night Ava gets to sleep with both of them...when she saw them this morning, she was so excited.  She didn't want to put them down for anything!  Made changing her diaper a little challenging, but we mastered working around the extra eight legs.

Second, I didn't tell many people, but I had surgery yesterday, and am recovering fine.  I had a lipoma removed, so it wasn't a big deal.  But, I was a little overhwhelmed when they walked me into the OR and strapped me down to the table.  Big lights, lots of equipment - wow.  It was all new to me.  And no, I never watched E.R.  All I remember was someone saying, "This will make you drowsy, but not too drowsy."  Yeah, ok, the next thing I remember is being wheeled into the recovery room.  Anesthesia-induced amnesia is freaky.

Onto happier topics!  Scott and I are trying to eat healthier, so we bought a ton of fruit this past week.  Even Ava couldn't get enough of the cantaloupe.  Notice she only has one sock on.  Interesting.

This just kills me...up until this point, I've been lucky if Ava is looking somewhere in the direction of the camera when I take her picture.  This time, I thought I should try the ol' "cheeeeeese" trick.  She was far too focused on her snack in the first pic, but the second one is a winner!  Look at that tilted head and one cheek stuffed full of food - what a pose!

I love this child.  If only I could get her to help me clean the WHOLE house, and not just around the dog's water bowl.

And onto the most exciting event of the week...her adventure with the Cozy Coupe.  I went out shopping this afternoon, and when I came back, I saw Scott zooming her around the backyard in the Cozy Coupe.  Anyone who is familiar with the CC knows that the side door doesn't stay shut.  More than once I had to close my eyes as they took a fast corner, and she started to fall out the door.  Who knew the "incident" would happen when the car was sitting still?

"Look at me, Mommy! I'm on the grass and not moving...not even in the slightest.  How dangerous could it be?"

I'm still not sure how this happened.  And it happened twice.  The first time she got stuck under the car.  This time she crawled away.

Luckily, she shook it off, and just tipped the car back over.  But then she needed to pick up all of the "cargo" (rocks and her sippy cup.)

"It's all good.  Let's roll!'

After this, the evening quickly went downhill, and she was in full-blown toddler meltdown mode.  She went to bed 30 minutes early tonight.  But not before using Daddy as a chair!  He's just so darn comfy.

We're going to try to have a nice breakfast out tomorrow, and then I'm hoping to head off to a baby shower in the afternoon.  Our good friends, Megan and Erik, welcomed a little boy to their family last month.  We can't wait to meet Charlie!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scooter & Puppy: A Sad Story

This has been one crazy week...happy, crabby, sick, tired, blah!  We started off the week on a high note.  Ava had some good days at daycare, and was a sweet child at home.  She decided to curl up in the massive caterpillar one night before dinner.  It must have been fun, as her teddy bear, Scooter, and Blankie all got the same treatment.

Lucky teddy bear...

Now Scooter and Blankie...

After she was done with that, she decided that some of her little friends needed to be tucked into bed.  Here you can see Dollie, a tea cup, Puppy and Glo-Worm all tucked in.  Clearly, Ava was in a sharing mood...her socks and shoes were also invited to bed.

I don't do very well at geting pics of Ava and me.  She looks terrified in this one!

What a proper girl - look at that pinky!

So, our week was off to a great start!  And then the puking began.  She began coughing one night, so I went to check on her.  There was um, a yucky smell in her room.  And when I turned on the lights, it was obvious both her lunch and dinner were all over her bed.  And Scooter and Puppy.  Scott came to help me, and he just about passed out when he walked into her room.  I asked him if he wanted take care of her or the sheets.  He said the sheets, so I questioned him. As it turns out, he didn't really mean the sheets.  So, Scott cleaned her up, and I spent an hour cleaning the sheets and attempting to save Scooter and Puppy.  Everything came our sparkly clean except our little purple kitty and white puppy.  I'm going to make one last attempt to rescue them, and if not, well, Ava, you'll need some new friends.  And I'll need another new name for this blog!

The good news is that it was a 24-hour bug, and she was as good as new the next night.  The even better news?  Neither Scott nor I became sick.  That's a first!

Ava was feeling well enough that we decided to go down to Grand Meadow to visit our friends Darren, Tiffany and Isabel.  Tiff and I went to get massages so the girls were left with the daddies.  Sounds like they played GREAT together!  And last night when we went out to dinner, they even kissed each other - pretty darn cute!  I think they're finally at a point where the 8-month difference isn't as apparent.

I had been hoping to get a picture of the two of them playing together, so I tried this morning before we left.  Scott's child was not in the mood to have her picture taken, so instead here's a pic of the other happy child, attempting to tie her shoelaces.

Isabel is getting so big!

The drive home seemed extra long, but Ava became a little happier as she snacked on her Cheerios.  When we got home, she immediately dug into her bag, and began diapering Dollie.  She used a wipe and everything.  Although, she first used the wipe on Dollie's face - so that doll is extra clean!

Ta-da!  (She might have had some help...)

So, the week started off well, hit rock bottom, and then is working its way back up.  Here's to hoping that the first full week of Spring is a happy one!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tea Party for Two

Ava's newest thing is to drag one of her little chairs to our kitchen table, move my chair out of the way, and put her chair in my chair's place.  Is she trying to get rid of me?  Seriously, my chair is the furthest away from her little table, and there are 3 others she could move!  She also thoroughly enjoys running around with her little step stool.  So, it came as no surprise the other evening, when we found her sitting underneath the table, with Scooter on her chair (which displaced my chair, of course), and Blankie and 2 tea cups nearby.  You can't see it in these pictures, but her little tea pot is on the stool, which is right next to her chair.

Hanging with Daddy one night after dinner...two peas in a pod!

Ava's nurturing side has also been coming through...she loves wrapping Scooter up in Blankie and tucking them underneath the covers, while saying, "Sleepy...go sleepy!"  She makes sure that Puppy and GloWorm are all tucked in, too.  I'm also enjoying seeing her compassion for other people...anytime anyone sneezes, coughs, blows their nose, etc., she will say, "Bless you!"  It's never too early to start with manners, right?

Last night, I went out with some girlfriends for a girls night out in Minneapolis.  Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey took Ava for the evening, so Daddy could go out with the guys.  We all had a ton of fun - but losing that extra hour of sleep was rough...especially since we were up late (3am?)  I'm already looking forward to bed tonight. :)

In the bar at Ichiban (sushi/hibachi restaurant): Dee, Emilie, Nikki, and Angie

At The Shout House (a dueling piano bar)

This weekend just flew by...neither of us are ready to go back to work.  Although, Ava was asking about Debi this afternoon - clearly, she's ready to play with her pals at daycare!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Days

We had a very busy week, which means that once again, we didn't have a chance to take many photos.  So, here is a random smattering of images and comments from the past few days...

Ava loves her new bed!  She only fell out once that first night, and tonight when we checked on her, she was snuggled up with Scooter under the sheet, snoring away.  This picture is not from tonight. :)  She looked so comfy in it the other morning that I just had to take a pic.

Spring is almost here!  I took Ava to daycare in a dress with no tights the other day...good thing daycare is a 15-second walk from our house!

Apparently Scooter and Ava have made up...tonight, she was trying to strap him into her booster seat with her sippy cup.

Ava looks very 1980's with her headbands like this.

She had some difficulty removing it from her head!

Thank goodness it's Sunday tomorrow...we both still need a day to recover from the week.  In fact, I am the only awake living being in the house right now.  Everyone else is sleeping/napping on the couch.  Woohoo...exciting Saturday night!

Snow Fun!

This whole winter, we never found the right time to take Ava out to play in the snow until last weekend.  All of the doggy pooh was picked up, and Scott made a nice level field in our it was a gorgeous day!  Lots of sunshine, which we desperately needed.  It seems that spring might be on its way...!  I realize that might be hard to believe with the thick blanket of snow shown in these pics.

The angle of the camera makes Ava look so tiny next to Scott...


"I'm on high alert now!"

Getting a lesson in making snowballs from Daddy.

Mommy left for two seconds and Daddy made AVA into a snowball!

It doesn't look like Ava moved around very much outside, does it?  Her mittens ended up getting soaked after 20 minutes, so we needed to move the fun inside.  The next day, on the walk home from daycare, she reached right into a snowbank with her bare hands.  Brrrrrrrrr!