Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ava's New Bed

Ava's toddler bed was delivered much more quickly than we thought.  As soon as we brought it home, I made it a point to get it setup and ready to go.  I didn't want this to be a project that was delayed for weeks.  Ava was such a good little helper while Scott and I were assembling the bed.  She even read the directions...yeah!

Something's not right here...

This should help us out!

Almost done...

Will this thing hold my weight?

Yeah!  It's done!  And I'm NAKED!

Notice that we put the bed together in the living room...we didn't put it in her room that night, and I had a horrible thought that we wouldn't be able to get the fully assembled bed through her doorway.  With some careful maneuvering, we were able to slide it through.

It's a good thing we were ready to switch...not only was Scooter hanging behind the crib toy the next morning, Ava thought it would be nice to cover him up, so he couldn't see what torture was coming at him next.

She seems so surprised that he is there...

Back to the bed...on Friday night, we pulled it into her bedroom, and while I was in process of putting the new bedding on, she just couldn't stay off of it.  Yeah!

Here's the girly version!  Look at how happy she is to finally be surrounded by pink.  (Yes, I'm sure that is exactly what is making her smile.  A mother always knows.)  And even Scooter is not being hung in this new bed.  It was a great day for this kitty!

So, you might be wondering how the first night went.  It was great until 6am.  Ava never got up during the night to play with her toys (my biggest concern); however, at 6am she sat straight up, leaned back, and fell right out of bed (Scott's biggest concern.)  Perhaps Daddy knew best in this case.  He was downstairs feeding the dogs, and I was in our room, watching her on the monitor, so I saw the whole thing happen.  There was a big crash (well not that big, it's only a foot off the ground), but then there were tears and a little bit of fear.  After about 5 minutes of comforting, she laid back down and went to sleep. 

We took the crib out of her room last night, so now her bed is up against a wall - less chance for her to fall out!  I did need to go in last night and rearrange her...she was curled up in a ball, right next to the same opening she fell out of on Friday night.  So far, so good...she didn't get up from the bed throughout the night, and as of 7am, she didn't leave the bed involuntarily, either.  We'll see how long she's content playing in her room once she gets up.  This could mean extra sleep for Scott and I...yeah! 

I have a few more things to do to decorate her room, so once that's done, I'll post more pics.  Think PINK!

Totally non-bed related...we found her reading in the corner by the front door yesterday.  Silly kid.

Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday...maybe today will be the day I sort out her clothes and get all of her 2T stuff ready to go.  And maybe not. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flatware? Really?

I posted our blog so early last Sunday, that we didn't have any pics of Ava opening her little Valentine's day gift bag from us.  Nothing too big, just a few V-Day socks, snacks, a book, and a flatware set to keep in her little diaper bag.  She was most excited by the little bag of mini M&Ms.  And definitely least excited by the flatware.  Check it out.

Shaking the mini M&Ms...

Oh goody, just what I always wanted.  Flatware.

You may remember that Ava has a thing for headbands.  Since she managed to break my favorite black one, I bought her a set of her own.  At first she was wearing them around her neck like a necklace, but now she found a new way to be in fashion.  What a trendsetter!

This morning I was cleaning up after breakfast, and I heard her start counting.  I looked over at her little table, and noticed that she had a whole book set lined up across the table and was counting them.  Her favorite two books are at the beginning, of course (Pat-a-Cake and Three Little Kittens.)

In addition to her tendancy to wear hair accessories oddly, and line all of her books up like little soldiers, she also likes to put her toys in weird positions in her crib. Poor Scooter (the purple cat) has been subjected to this for months now.  And there Ava stands, as happy as can be.

One last big piece of news...we bought her a toddler bed!  It's on order right now, and should be coming in the next few weeks.  I had so much fun picking out new sheets and a comforter for her.  I was very practical with her crib bedding, and went fairly neutral - even more boyish than girly (blue, tan, and green), but I went 100% girl this time.  Her new comforter is bright yellow and pink with flowers.  I love it - and so does she!  I took it out last night to show Scott, and twice she ran right over to me and laid down on the floor, waiting to be covered up.  She stayed under the comforter for around three minutes, just laying there quietly, before we finally picked her up and took her in for a bath. 

I also bought a little pillow for her crib so she could get used to sleeping with one, and she immediately hugged it and did her little lean-over sleep move.  However, I checked on her 30 minutes later, just to make sure she was okay with the pillow, and I found it on top of her belly.  Silly kid.

I know I'm excited for the bed to get here, and I'd be willing to bet that little Scooter is, too!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A weekend of love...

Ava LOVES going into our closet and pulling out all of my shoes (better the shoes than my dresser...more than once I have come into our bedroom with clothes scattered all over the floor.)  She seems particularly fascinated by our slippers.  She's learned this week to get my slippers and bring them to me, or get Daddy's slippers and bring them to him.  (It's not quite as "Doggy, fetch this!" as it sounds...!)  I got home late from work on Thursday night, and Scott was insistent that Ava bring me my slippers.  Of course, this was one time she just wasn't I went in to get them, and I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me on my dresser!

I'm so impressed that Scott bought them in advance!  When I went grocery shopping yesterday, I couldn't believe the swarm of men in the floral department. :)

We opted to stay in this year for Valentine's Day, so we had a wonderful dinner last night of t-bones, baked potatoes, and strawberry cupcakes.  It was much better than fighting the crowds for a romantic dinner!

Note to Gramma Karen and Grampa Doug:  we will NOT let her do this at your house...!

At some point during the evening last night, Ava decided she wanted to play in our full length curtains.  She had a great time getting twisted up and then un-twisting herself.  Too funny!


Ava truly enjoys her bathtime, and lately she's been laying down in the bubbles, even if the bathwater is draining.  Last night, she was singing as the water was going down.  Silly girl!

This morning we are going to enjoy a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls and then do some shopping.  And then relaxing...ahhhh...perfect!

Happy Valentine's Day!

The BIG Game!

Last Sunday we went to Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house for the SuperBowl.  Honestly, we didn't watch much of the game, but we had a great time visiting with everyone, and eating the vast amount of snacks.  Yum!  I did manage to sneak away to watch part of the halftime show, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and then, it was time to go home and put Ava to bed.

Wearing Daddy's hat and watching the game (and looking a little bit like a boy...oh well!)

She kept taking the hat off and putting it back on...but her aim wasn't the best.  See her little nose through the opening in the back of the hat?

Ava was able to take a bath in the big, new tub while we were there, so it would make the bedtime routine a breeze when we got back to our house.  Grandma Deb had given Ava some bath body paints for Christmas...she loved painting on her belly!

After bath time, Ava was snuggly in her pjs, and was keeping a close eye on Grandma Deb when she went outside.

It was a great way to end the weekend and get prepared for the upcoming week!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

There's a Frog in the Bath...EEEEEEEEE!

Last Sunday I picked up a cute little wind-up frog for Ava's bathtime enjoyment.  Its little legs click-clack together, and propel it through the water once it is wound...super fun.  Unless you are Ava.  In that case, Ava's introduction to the froggy didn't go so well.  Scott wound it up, put it in the water, and let her go...right towards Ava.  She screamed a very loud, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and grabbed on to me for dear life.  She eventually came around to tolerating the frog in her bathwater, but she still kicks it or pushes it away from her when it gets too close.  Oh well...maybe I should have gone with the dolphin wind-up!

I took part of Friday off of work, and Ava and I had a nice breakfast of crumpets and strawberry syrup.  I turned my head away for 2 seconds, and she was licking the plate.  The end result reminded me of sticky Rudolph! 

Mommy bought some new boots last weekend, and Ava seems to really like the fur in the much so that she wanted to try to wear them around the house.  That didn't go so well - she's holding on to the table so she doesn't teeter over!

We've got a super busy day on this SuperBowl Sunday...we're going to have lunch with Scott's sister, see his cousin to pick up a few more clothes for Ava (thanks a million, Izzy!), and then off to Scott's mom and stepdad's house for a low-key party.  It should be a fun way to end the weekend before we get back to a busy week at work.  Can't wait to see those commercials during the game!