Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Both Scott and I had incredibly busy weeks at work this past week.  Add to that the snow storm and the icy roads, and I spent several hours in the car commuting each day.  Yuck!  The good news is that on the technology front, all of our equipment is in our hands!  My new camera broke (I mean, c'mon...seriously? It wasn't even a month old) so I had to exchange it this past laptop was delivered earlier in the week...and our new TV was picked up yesterday morning.  My Christmas wish this year is that we can make it through the holidays without some weird, technology issue.

So all of this busy-ness, plus the hectic work schedules, and yucky commutes means that we didn't take a lot of pics of Ava this week.  Which may be a good thing...she was incredibly naughty at daycare, and I'm not sure if we would have been able to get a happy picture of her.  She was put in multiple time outs almost every day.  Not for biting anymore...oh no, she's moved onto pinching, and telling kids to "shut up!"  Sigh.  I asked Debi if she ever kicks kids out of daycare for bad behavior.  She reassured me and said no, that she never gives up on them.  So, neither will we!  Scott and I have both been VERY careful what we say around her...but, we're not exactly sure what constitutes "bad words" to kids...?  (We know the obvious ones...)

Here's the little stinker getting ready to go to daycare this past week:

She has the cutest pink and brown down jacket...she always looks so snuggly and warm in it!

We have Ava's 18-month photos this coming Saturday, so if this line isn't too long at the mall, we might try to squeeze in a Santa visit.  And last night, we went for an hour long drive around So St Paul and Inver Grove looking at all of the Christmas lights.  Almost 9 years ago, that's what Scott and I did on our first date, so it has extra special meaning for me.

Only 1.5 weeks before we drive down to KC for Ava's first Christmas with Gramma Karen and Grampa Doug.  I'm so excited!  I can't believe it's so close to the holidays already...where did 2009 go??


Lisa said...

What a fun thing to do- to look at all the lights! And now you get to bring little Ava with you. Maybe all this cold weather just really made her crabby- poor girl! I hope she has a better week this week.

Megan said...

Oh no, now its shut up what's next? I have an idea :)