Sunday, November 15, 2009

Technology hates me

So, craptacular week #1 continued into week #2.  There was a power outage on Monday that blew the power supply to my PC, making it completely unusable.  No power = no PC.  Scott's been letting me use his PC, but I miss having my stuff readily available.  I'm learning to be flexible...deep breath in, deep breath out.  The irony is that I'm getting a new laptop in a few weeks, but I still need to be able to power up the PC to get all of my pics, Quicken, etc. to move to the new laptop.  But, it's fine - I have the power supply part, and now just need to corral Scott when he gets home from hunting so he can install it for me.

But, onto happy Ava news...she's biting again.  This time it was ME.  She bit my wrist and top of my hand yesterday when I picked her up to get her ready to leave.  It didn't draw blood, but I was really hoping she was moving past that stage...but I guess she's not!  Maybe she's part vampire.  There has been a lot of Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries in our house.

Unfortunately, with my technology issues this week, I wasn't able to download any pics to post.  But, I did get a new camera yesterday (my Canon stopped working recently...seriously, does the tech world hate me?) so I'm excited to get the software installed and get new pics loaded.

Other than my tech issues, we really did have a good week.  With Scott on his 4th weekend of hunting, Ava and I have had a lot of quality time together.  Enough that last week, she kept calling both me and Scott "Mommy!"  She's such a daddy's girl, so it was nice to be first on her mind for once.

We had a very fun play date with Lisa and Dylan yesterday at Little Kids Big City in Woodbury.  It's a large room with all sorts of kid equipment/items to play with.  There's a fire truck, a post office, a playhouse, a car/truck service center, and a grocery store.  Ava was happiest when she was carrying around detergent and bleach bottles.  See, she really is my child. :)  At a few points, she grabbed some wrenches and other tools, so Scott would be proud.  Ava and Dylan are still at the age where they don't fully interact with each other, but there were a couple of moments where they realized there was another kid there to play with.  We went to Applebee's afterwards, and Lisa and I had a chance to catch up without worrying about the kids falling off the fire truck, or eating chalk.  Once I get my pics available, I will post some to the blog.

Last night Ava headed off to Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house for a sleepover.  She loves going there, so we're happy that the dynamics are such that it all works out for us.  With my child- (and Scott) free night, I headed out to downtown St Paul for some girl time with Angie.  We saw the Titanic omnitheater movie at the Science Museum, and had the chance to chat about decor and life over drinks at Mancini's.  Coming home to a human-free house was odd...there were 3 furry little beagles to greet me, but it was weird to be the only two-footed mammal there. 

So, I'm taking this time to catch up on paperwork, be a little lazy, and look forward to later in the day when my baby and hubby come home.

Have a great day!


Lisa said...

Yesterday was so fun! And I was thinking about the biting... maybe she's working on those teeth. Dylan always seemed to up the biting incidents when a tooth was about to break through.

I hope you get all that techno-crud fixed soon. Yay for a new camera! That's always fun!

Jean said...

I would not know what to do with myself in a kid-free; hubby-free house!! As for the biting... Owen is a little biter too. He's been better lately about it, but we'll see if it resurfaces. I'm hoping not!! Miss you!