Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Little Kids Big City pictures

I finally have overcome my tech issues, and have downloaded my photos from Saturday afternoon's playdate with Dylan and Lisa (and a few new friends...)  Enjoy!

The other little girl (Leah) that was there was immediately taken with Ava.  She did a great job keeping Ava entertained! 

As soon as we got inside, Ava picked up a bear from lost & found and carried it around with her for a while.

Dylan, Leah, Ava, the bear, and Leah's brother (I didn't catch his name) on the fire truck.

Here's Ava's future prom date, Dylan, at the cash register in the grocery store - all the kids loved playing with the fake money!  Notice Ava carrying around the fabric softener bottle...is it too early to teach her how to do laundry??

This school bus was so cool - lots of neat gadgets to keep the kids busy.

We almost had an interactive moment here between Dylan and Ava.  Almost.

So close, yet...not quite playing together...

Chalk + toddlers = messy, messy, messy!

Back to the bus!

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