Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Now!

After seeing how Ava did in Isabel's booster seat last weekend, we made the decision to have her join us at the table for meals.  I had NO idea there were so many different kinds of booster seats out there...I did quite of bit of online research to see what our options were.  I was happy that we found one that matched our kitchen decor so well!

Ava made the transition with ease...she seems so happy to be sitting right at the table with us.  I also bought her a couple of cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse plates, which have separate areas, made just for dipping.  Ava is getting very good at dipping her food/spoon into ketchup/syrup/.  She finally understands that food goes on the end of the fork/spoon, and THEN you put it into the mouth.  It's been a really big mealtime week for us!

This also means that mealtimes have become a little she is dipping, and still in her highchair.

We've made the move to the booster seat!  I was so happy to put that highchair into storage...our kitchen feels so much bigger without it now.

Scott was helping me clean yesterday, which means that Ava was also helping me clean.  :)  She had so much fun with the duster!

Scott's getting ready to get her engaged in cleaning...notice the duster lurking in the background...

Look at how happy she is here - I'm so proud of my little girl! :)

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