Saturday, November 21, 2009

Headbands = Hours of Fun!

I've been taking a lot of pictures this week, but not many of Ava...mostly they've been pictures of the dogs. I'm trying to capture an image of the three of them to use in our Christmas cards. Talk about difficult! I think I finally got one after three days of trying!

One of Ava's favorite things to do is run into our bathroom, open one of the vanity drawers, and pull out my headbands. She managed to break my favorite black one, so I decided it was time for her to get her own collection. I found a set of five fabric covered bands that are perfect! Within the first five minutes of playing with them, the pink one was broken (of course it's the one that would match most of her clothes...sigh.)

When we pick up the house at night, we've managed to find the headbands getting taken for a walk in the dolly stroller, hitching a ride in the pony's basket, and sometimes taking a drink from the dog's water bowl. That was the best $3 I've spent on her yet!

Even Daddy's gotten into the spirit, and will help put them on her head so she can be a "pretty girl."

In fact, Ava's even tried to put the headbands on Darla and Lucky! Here she is trying to convince Dar what a great accessory it will be...Dar didn't go for it.

And when we're done playing with the headbands, Ava likes to run into our bedroom and lay down in Spanky's bed. The covers and blanket have been freshly washed, but I'm still not crazy about her cuddling up in a dog bed. And frankly, I can't imagine Spanky's too pleased with it either!

The other night Scott checked on her before we went to bed. He called me upstairs to take a picture of her..she was sleeping so soundly, holding onto her puppy. When I see how big she looks in the crib, it makes me realize that she's growing up and she's not our little baby anymore.

Last weekend I switched our our lightweight quilt for our down comforter, so I needed to get all of the blankets out of their Space Saver bags. Before I knew what was happening, Ava hopped onto one and started riding. I love how the most simple things can make a child so happy! If only we could all be so lucky! :)

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Lisa said...

Love the photo of her and Darla! That is so cute! Dylan has been pulling the sleeping bags out of the closet next to the stairs and riding on them too. It's great how the cheapest things make them happy!