Monday, October 26, 2009

Sick Day with Mommy

Not only have we moved into fall, but we've also kicked off the cold and flu season.  A yucky little bug was making its way through Ava's daycare, and she finally caught it last week.  Her fever spiked around 103.5, so we kept her at home for a day to recover.  Of course, she was feeling well enough to catch up with Curious George, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Dora! 

Once our tv viewing was done, she was in the mood to "play" while Mommy did a little work. It didn't really work out well to have her on my lap while I was typing, so instead we pulled out her laptop. She was nice and snuggly wrapped in her blanket while she worked away! These photos really made me laugh as my building at work is a little chilly. I often wrap a blanket around me as I'm working on my laptop...just like Ava!

Since she really loves typing on my laptop, desktop, and Scott's PC, I decided she needed a real keyboard of her own.  Ava loves just typing away on it...from all different angles, and even with her toes!

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Jean said...

Ryan has his own "real" keyboard too and LOVES it! He asks for it every single day. "Momma? Where my keyboard go?" We're raising such little techies! LOL!