Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random Moments...

I think I've mentioned before how Scott likes to put his shirt on Ava...for some reason this reminded me of the Snuggie product (the blanket with arms); however, she looks less than thrilled in this picture. More like, "Daddy, take your stinky shirt off of me."

We've really been having fun with Ava and her bath...recently she realized she can lay down and kick, so even more water goes flying. I don't think there's anyway to stay dry when giving a toddler a bath...!

We have a little routine of wrapping her up in a hoody towel once she's done with her bath, and putting her in front of the mirror. She LOVES watching herself in the towel...and tonight she even said "baby" as she was looking at herself.

We went to Scott's cousin's wedding last night - the last wedding of four weddings this summer/fall the year for us! Scott was a groomsman...since he's such a jeans & t-shirt guy, I always love seeing him in a tux/suit. I can't say that he feels the same way about wearing one!

We've noticed Ava spinning around in circles until she gets dizzy and then falls down. Neither Scott nor I taught her to do this, so it was a bit of a mystery, until Debi (daycare provider) mentioned that they've been playing "Ring Around the Rosie" recently. Ah-ha! Here's a clip of the spinning in action!

I usually dread clipping Ava's nails since she's so squirmy, and it takes two of us to do it. However, tonight she held her hands out nicely for me and only squirmed once the whole time. Amazing! I think that was a rare case, but, boy I sure did appreciate it while it was happening!

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Lisa said...

OMG- that video is TOO funny! Dylan is the same way in the tub- and he likes looking at himself in the mirror in the towel. :) Tonight he was slapping the water and getting me soaked (which they of course think is hilarious). The way the just pick up on things is just too funny!