Monday, September 21, 2009

The Northwoods Wedding

This past weekend, Scott and I traveled up to northern Wisconsin for a weekend wedding celebration for my good friends Julie and Casey, as well as an early 4th Anniversary getaway for us. Ava spent the weekend at Grandma Deb's , and we took full advantage of being baby-free!

The weather was absolutely perfect while we were in Cable - mid 70's and sunshiney...perfect weather for an outdoor wedding! We wanted to stay out of everyone's way, so after Friday night at the resort bar with friends, we left the resort, and decided to explore the area on our own. We drove into Cable, and did a little shopping. We then headed the opposite direction, and ended up in Clam Lake, and did a little more shopping.

At this point, I was thoroughly enjoying the adventure (due to the shopping); however, Scott wanted something a little less shoppy, so we decided to head down a rustic "highway" in search of a wildlife viewing area. The only wildlife we saw was a turtle sunning itself on a rock, and maybe a bird or two. As Scott will attest, the highlight of our "hike" was me falling down over a rock in the path. As Scott was in front of me on the path (thank goodness!) all he heard was a thump, and when he turned to look back, there was dust and leaves flying. And me, incredibly embarrassed on the ground. I now remember why I didn't like falling as a kid - it hurts! :)

Eventually we made our way back to the resort for the evening wedding and camera died right at the beginning of the party, so I don't have any pics to share. Boo! But there are MANY great memories in our minds! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Casey Jaeger!!

The lakeview from the resort

The start of our adventure in the woods...

I spotted something wild on the trail!

Here we are in our wedding finery right before the ceremony.

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Lisa said...

OK- where the hell did you find shopping in Cable and Clam Lake?!? We usually just fly through Cable on our way up to Mom and Dad's- we're pretty anxious to get there by that point!