Sunday, August 16, 2009

A girl can only handle so many pics...

Ava officially has her top 4 teeth breaking through...she's been doing really well with it, but I'm worried that she's discovered chewing Mama's shoulder. Sometimes she'll snuggle right up to me, and when she's done, I'll have slobber all over my left shoulder. I have felt any nips yet, and I hope I don't!

Last night Ava was making some really funny faces - perfect pic op! But, between my camera, and Scott's phone, she started getting a little impatient with the flashes, posing, and smiling...

Look at those sharp pearly whites poking through...!

This is a weird little face...the appearance of teeth has made Ava making some really odd faces.

Uh-oh, another picture? (with Daddy's phone...)

I think we're headed for a meltdown...

And we're officially there!

Anytime the orange red-eye light from my camera comes on, she smiles, squints her eyes, and poses. What a little ham!

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