Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Trip to the Kaposia Playground

My parents gave us a stool that someone had made for me when I was a small child. Ava has taken to using it as her chair, with the glider as her desk. We think it's time to get her a real table & chair set!

We're trying to fit in as many outdoor moments as we can before summer departs. We live right down the block from a newer elementary school, which has two playgrounds. We decided to take a trip down there one night last week after dinner. She had so much fun running and crawling through the equipment, but I think the best part was the slide. Now that she's big enough, we can let her go down the slide on her own...wheeeeeeee!

I love how the sunlight highlights her dimple...priceless!

Daddy thought it would be fun to squirt her in the face in tub. Apparently she liked it - she kept trying to drink the water as it hit her mouth!

Ava has been with Grandma Deb since last night. I went to a couples shower for a good friend, and Scott was up north working on our land. And today, we're heading to the Minnesota State Fair! Cheese curds, Pronto Pups, everything-on-a-stick....oh, how I've missed you! Ava will NOT be joining us today, so it's a date-day for us. YEAH!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fleeting summer moments...

Last weekend we had perfect weather for Ava to take a quick dip in the pool. Since the weather this summer has been so odd...and it's almost September (??), we don't know how many more times she'll get to go into the pool. We never made it to the big kiddie splash pool in SSP...we'll try harder next year!

Daddy thought it would be fun to soak her...she liked it!

I love the little, well, BIG, belly on her in this picture.

This fishy water toy from Debi has been a hit with Ava all summer.

Ava was being silly with her little blankie one day...

She loves to carry around any article of our clothing that she finds on the floor. So, I thought it would be fun to dress her up in a pair of my CLEAN socks. This could be a new toddler trend, Ava...!

Our garden finally produced a ton of red and yellow tomatoes, plus banana peppers, green peppers, and jalapenos, so Scott has been a canning fool the last few hours. It's so much work, but there's nothing better than eating his homemade salsa in the dead of winter. Yummy!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A girl can only handle so many pics...

Ava officially has her top 4 teeth breaking through...she's been doing really well with it, but I'm worried that she's discovered chewing Mama's shoulder. Sometimes she'll snuggle right up to me, and when she's done, I'll have slobber all over my left shoulder. I have felt any nips yet, and I hope I don't!

Last night Ava was making some really funny faces - perfect pic op! But, between my camera, and Scott's phone, she started getting a little impatient with the flashes, posing, and smiling...

Look at those sharp pearly whites poking through...!

This is a weird little face...the appearance of teeth has made Ava making some really odd faces.

Uh-oh, another picture? (with Daddy's phone...)

I think we're headed for a meltdown...

And we're officially there!

Anytime the orange red-eye light from my camera comes on, she smiles, squints her eyes, and poses. What a little ham!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...!

One of Ava's birthday presents was a cute outdoor chair from Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey. However, it has been on back order for several months, and it finally showed up this week. It's got an attachable umbrella plus TWO storage pockets for all of the things a toddler on-the-go might need...and she loves it!

She also loves to play with the dogs' outdoor water bowl, as well as Spanky's tennis ball. I try to remember to dump the bowl out before she gets to it, but every once in a while, she ends up getting soaked!

Ava's also a big fan of she's running around holding a book about a sleepy beagle (how appropriate.) I'm hoping that she'll enjoy reading as much as I do!

And when she tires of books, she likes to pick up my shoes and carry them around. Yesterday, she opened our closet door, took out my orange shoes, closed the door, and proceeded to run around with them. Ava might end up loving shoes...just like her Gramma Karen!

For some reason she likes to sit on the doggies' mat (where the indoor water bowl resides when Ava isn't running around)...and hold my Teva. And sometimes chew on it. We're trying to break that habit...yuck!

Scott and I bought her an indoor chair her birthday - she's been a climbing monkey the last few weeks, and she loves to stand on this chair, beat the window, and squeal. Here she's just kicking back, relaxing from a hard day at daycare!

Scott thought it would be cute to put her into one of his shirts and let her walk around. And actually, it was pretty funny! Luckily, she didn't trip over it...however, she did figure out how to get out of it pretty quickly!

Ava was riding her pony this morning and reading the paper at the same time. It's what every girl needs to know how to do by the time she's 1!

I've been off of work since July 31, and I had Ava at home for 2 of those days - we had so much fun hanging out and playing! The rest of the time, she was at daycare, and I caught up on a ton of projects at home. The biggest accomplishment was finishing Ava's first year scrapbook - yeah! One more thing I can check off of my 2009 resolution list!

The only bad thing that happened this week is that Ava took a nose-dive from her new outdoor chair, right into the concrete patio. She scraped up her nose, had a nice fat lip, and bled a bit. I know that this is all part of growing up, but it still made me feel bad. It also made me stock up our medicine cabinet a bit! Now we're ready for anything!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello August!

I'm having a hard time believing that it's already August - where did the summer go? I hate to admit it, but as fall comes closer, I do love the thought of cool nights, warm sweaters, apple orchards and bonfires. AND, new clothes for Ava! (I might have an Ava-clothing-obsession...!)

Exciting news...the top teeth have made an appearance! All 4 of the top teeth are visible under the gums, but only the top left (looking at Ava) has poked through. Way to make us wait for 13+ months, Ava, and then pop all of them out at once. I just can't wait until she can bite (food, that is...not people or dogs) and chew!

Last Sunday, we had potato sausage and sauerkraut for dinner. Ava's first experience with sauerkraut was priceless! The look on her face was indescribable - and even after that, she still ate it! The only thing she spits out on a regular basis (she always tries it, so I give her credit) is tomatoes. We picked our first tomatoes from our garden yesterday, and even though I gave her a yellow one (thinking it wasn't as obvious as the red one), she still spit it out. I didn't particularly like tomatoes when I was little, so maybe this is something she'll grow in to.

We're still working on the sunglasses. She let me put them on her for all of 30 seconds and off they came! The second picture is my favorite - she looks so "Hollywood" or something!

We're also trying to be better about getting her to wear hats. I remembered that she had this cute little hat, and now her head is finally big enough to fit into it. And personally, I love the saying ("my mom rocks" - yeah, that's right! But, I didn't buy it for her, it was a gift!)

What do you think? Forward facing or backward facing? :)

Ava and I had a great day on Friday - we were out running errands by 9am, and then we were able to spend the rest of the day playing and napping. We went for a nice walk, and ended up at the school down the block from us. There's the main playground, and then a smaller playground tucked on the side. I thought it would be fun to try out the smaller playground (there weren't any other kids around), but right as we were wheeling up to it, a ton of little kids came running out of the school in their swimsuits. Water balloon fight! Let's just say it was hard for me to keep Ava's attention on the experience of going down the slide when there was so much activity!

Yesterday we took her to MickeyD's for her first Happy Meal - she barely ate anything since there were so many kids there. And a really cute little boy she kept flirting with. Oy, we are going to have our hands full!