Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where is the Summer Going?

Ava's really been paying more attention to her environment, and how she interacts with her toys, us, her friends at daycare, and loud noises (her first reaction is to run to the nearest adult and grab their legs - but once she knows what the noise is, she wants to watch it.) Over the weekend, Scott was mowing our lawn, and running the leaf blower...both loud objects. Once she saw it was Daddy doing it, then she couldn't take her eyes off of him. She even said, "Dada"...and I know it wasn't an accident!

In my last blog post, I commented on how she's been putting her dolly in the stroller and exersaucer...now she's feeding her puppy her Cheerios! Unless she's really hungry, and then she doesn't share!

On Sunday, Ava and I went to River Falls to visit with Lisa and Dylan, and Tiffany and Isabel. The kids were so good together - it seemed whatever toy one child had, the others wanted. Ava was quite fond of Dylan's cow and blue elephant. After lunch, we went on a nice walk, and ended up at a park in town. There were several slides, steps, and sand to play with!

Isabel's on her way down the slide!

Ava wasn't really sure what to do with the sand...I think this might have been the 1st time she's played in sand. I cannot believe how much of it she brought home with her in her diaper!!

Peeking out from behind a pole...peek-a-boo!

It was rare to get all three kids together in one shot...I think Isabel caught Ava off-guard in this one!

On the walk back to Lisa's house, we stopped at DQ - Isabel and Tiff shared a dipped cone, with very messy results! Ava and I shared a cherry float, but I had strict control of the spoon and straw!

Last night, our friend Megan stopped out for an impromptu visit, and it was great to catch up with her! She and her husband moved west of the cities, so we don't see them on a weekly basis like we used to. :( Megan even supervised Ava's bath time...but even with 3 adults in the bathroom, Ava still managed to take a pretty hard fall in the tub. But this morning, there wasn't a bump in sight! Those kids are quick healers!

This weekend should be fun - Tiff and I are headed up to northern WI for a wedding, so Scott will be all on his own with Ava on Saturday night. This is his first overnight alone with her - but I know he'll do a great job!

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Lisa said...

There was a ton of sand in Dylan's crib after he woke up from his nap that day! We're looking forward to the 3rd- that will be fun. I'm so excited for the wedding this weekend- we're going to have LOTS of fun and do LOTS of dancing!!

Oh- and I love how Ava only shares when she's not hungry. That is too cute!