Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fangs and Tennis Shoes...?

Scott and I had a date night last night...yay! We went to dinner, saw a movie (The Proposal - it was cute!), and then went to the Cro for a night cap. Ava stayed with Grandma Deb last night, and I think we both slept so well...until the beagles woke us up at 6:45 this morning. Oh well, at least it wasn't 4:20am like during the week!

When I was in Northern WI last week, I bought Ava a cute purple cat for her to sleep with. She LOVES it! Here's a close-up of the kitty (and Lucky checking it out!)

Ava's been pushing the other kids out of the Cozy Coupe at daycare, so Debi was nice enough to let us borrow it overnight. All Ava really wants to do is get in, shut the door, and sit there. She hasn't quite figured out how to make it go, but she makes a big show of slamming the door! Scott and I are going to check out a Cozy Coupe we found on Craigslist this afternoon, so hopefully, Ava will have one of her own before the day is over!

Our garden has EXPLODED! The squash has taken over everything, and it battling for the ground with our tomatoes. As most people know, our tomato plants usually overrun the garden, but this year, they've met their match with the squash. In fact, the squash is now starting to make its way down the garage, into the alley, and even into our neighbor's yard. We have so many squash on the vine right now, it's crazy. One of them is so big it looks like a watermelon! We have NO idea how to tell when it's ripe...these are turning green, when we usually see them as yellow in the store.

But, I digress. Before the squash took over, we had several corn stalks that were producing, thriving, and loving life. (Needless to say, they are no longer thriving, as the squash is trying to eat them.) Scott pulled 6 ears of corn last week, so we had grilled corn on the cob for dinner one night. As Ava was eating it, we noticed that two well placed kernels made it look like she had fangs. And don't blame that realization on my obsession with Twilight or True Blood...Scott noticed it first!

My headband was starting to hurt my head, so Ava wanted to wear it to give Mama a break. It just looked so darn cute that I needed to take a picture!

I put tennis shoes on her yesterday for the first time, and while she wasn't sure about them at first, now she loves them. She RUNS when she wears them - there's no walking anymore! We were running around the Petco parking lot this morning while we were waiting for the store to open, and we (I) was trying to avoid the puddles. Ava stepped into a puddle right as her shoe came off. Nothing like a soaking sock to start the morning off right! And thus ended the parking lot walking adventure.

It's nice that Ava's big enough to feed herself, so I wanted to be able to give her a snack cup that she wouldn't be able to tip over and empty everywhere. I bought these cups that have a flexible lid on them that is supposed to keep the snacks in. However, our brilliant little baby discovered that all she has to do is pull a flap aside, and then all of the snacks can be poured out. Grrrr! So much for THAT idea!


Jean said...

Ok, so I read your whole post, but I'm not sure I comprehended anything past the first paragraph. I'm still stuck on the 4:20am weekday wakeup?! Please tell me you are kidding because I'm going to feel terrible that I complain about waking up at 6:30am now knowing you have already been up for over 2 hours!!

Lisa said...

Love the photos of her in her tennis shoes and running!!!! Now you're going to be the one chasing a kid around the park on our play date! Dylan hasn't done too much in the solo walking dept since his few steps last week. Still likes to hang on to us.