Sunday, June 28, 2009

Parades Galore!

Now that summer's here, it seems like the days are flying by. I went back to work on Wednesday, and before I knew it, it was Friday! Apparently, Ava had a long week, though...she fell asleep as I was feeding her on Thursday night. Her eyes kept rolling back, and finally, I let her nap for 20 minutes. All that fresh air at daycare must be wearing her out!

On Friday night, Scott, Ava and I went to the South St Paul Kaposia Days parade. Scott's mom and Whitey live right on the parade route, so it's nice that we have front row seats. Last year, Ava was only a week old at the parade, so she didn't really get to experience it. She did great this year...she watched everyone and everything so carefully. But the most exciting thing was the candy doubles as a hat! The people giving out candy would put pieces right in her bucket, which I would very quickly remove. I did give her the tiniest piece of Laffy Taffy, but she spit it out right away.

I was eating a piece of her candy after she went to bed, and I was harassed by a clown in the parade for eating her treats! I told him she was too small, and then he told me she wouldn't get any bigger if I kept eating her candy! :)


There was some other excitement in SSP that night...the state patrol helicopter was searching for someone in SSP, and there were a ton of cops surrounding the park right by Deb's house. It's usually a very quiet neighborhood, so it caused quite the commotion!

Saturday afternoon, we drove down to visit Darren, Tiffany, and Isabel to partake in Grand Meadow's parade and city day. We were pretty excited to be able to go to another parade...and this one had even more candy than the SSP one! Since we already had a full bucket at home, we gave all of our pieces to Tiff said, it's good potty-training candy!

The girls got along so well...Tiff got this cool, double-seater wagon, and amazingly enough, no one escaped from it on the ride to the parade.

Enjoying the view from Daddy's shoulders...

Apparently, it was an exhausting parade to watch.

Isabel's protecting her ears from the siren...and enjoying a freezee pop. What a great treat to get on a hot, summer day!

After the parade was over, the boys headed out, and we went to the school's playground. They had so much fun playing on the slides, swings, and in the rocks!

That night, the boys headed out to the local races, and Tiff and I watched the girls. It was so nice to be able to hang out with Tiff again - we've missed them! We ended up watching 2 movies, and didn't go to bed until almost 2 in the morning. That would have been fine except Ava woke up crying at 5am. We finally got her to go back to sleep (using me as a pillow), but by 7:30am, she was up for the day. So, we headed home...and have been non-stop ever since.

How can it be Sunday afternoon already? I hope the whole summer doesn't go this fast! We've got Ava's pool warming up in the backyard...maybe tomorrow night she'll be able to splash around in it.

Stay cool!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Grandparents, Birthdays, and Sprinklers, Oh MY!

What a whirlwind week we've had...I was trying to get everything wrapped up at work so I could take my 5-day "furlough" from last Wednesday, through tomorrow. Wednesday was my first day at home, so Ava and I had a ton of "fun" getting everything ready for the upcoming activities. I did have a wonderful massage, so that started my vacation off very well...

Gramma Karen and Grampa Doug drove in from KC on Wednesday afternoon. We had a great evening catching up, and enjoying the nice weather (until the downpour that happened right as they were leaving our house!)

On Thursday, Scott, Dad, Mom, and I drove down to Cannon Falls and Rochester to check out the areas for potential future homes/land for us. At some point, we'd like to move south of the Cities. Ava was a very good little girl, especially considering that she was stuck in a car for most of her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! We went to Applebee's for lunch, and the wait staff came out singing to someone else...I wonder what Ava would have done if we had them sing to her!

On Friday, Mom and I took Ava to get her 1-year photos taken, and then we met a few co-workers for lunch. Look at how cute she looks in her fun little dress! Since both of my parents are turning 60 this summer, Scott, Ava and I took them out for a birthday dinner at Mama Maria's in Hudson on Friday night. It was SO yummy!

On Saturday, Scott and I had a wedding to go to, so Gramma and Grampa had the chance to baby-sit Ava for the 1st time...overall, she did good (until it was nap time, and then she fought it like crazy.) Scott went to the reception, and I came home to spend time with my parents. We went to the Burger Emporium in Woodbury...I would highly recommend this place. It was great food, plus they had free refills on beer and wine! Who does that???

On Sunday, we had Ava's first birthday party! All of our closest family was there to see Ava in action...she had so much fun unwrapping the gifts, as well as smashing her cake. I have never seen her so sticky and full of goo...but she loved it! We got hit with a little rainstorm in the middle of the party, but we stuck it out. It was so wonderful that we were able to share this milestone with the people we love. :)

That night we had to say good-bye to my parents, but we know we'll see them again soon.

Today, I finally had a chance to relax...and wash those darn high chair straps! It was incredibly hot today, so I set up a baby sprinkler in the yard for Ava. She was really hesitant at first, but eventually, she was brave enough to put her hand in the water. And then she would lick her fingers. Crazy kid! Check out her new bikini from Grandma Deb! We can't wait to set up the pool so she can play with all of her new pool toys!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow...Ava will be at daycare, so I'll have the day all to myself. much to do, and never enough time!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Windblown Troll

Ava's becoming a real handful in the bathtub...Scott and I were remembering how easy she used to be when she just sat there. Now, she's standing, running, fall, laying on her belly, growing bubble beards from drinking the bathwater, and doing anything she can to make us laugh. We do giggle a lot during bath time, so even though it is more work to get her clean, it's a lot more fun.

Scott decided to give her a fun 'do the other day. Ava's finally getting some hair - and normally, it stands up all over, like chicken fuzz. The only time it lays flat is when it's wet...but not this night!

Scott eventually called her a windblown troll...and you know, what? He's right!

Just 4 more days until our little sweet pea is ONE! We are looking forward to my parents coming up for a visit on Wednesday, as well as the family party on Sunday. My parents are celebrating their 60th birthdays this summer, so we'll be taking them out to party, as well!

One of my co-workers went to Florida for a vacation, and he brought back Dumbo! Ava wasn't quite sure what to think, but I thought for sure she'd love his trunk. And I was right!

Our three little doggies were so tired yesterday...I like how they're all camping out in our room.

On a very sad note, we lost Scott's Aunt Linda this week. She passed away very unexpectedly on Tuesday morning. Linda was a kind, generous, and incredibly giving person - she will be greatly missed by many. It was a beautiful day for a funeral yesterday - I like to think that Linda had something to do with that. So far, we've had 3 funerals in the last 6 months...I'm hoping we have filled our quota for a while.

Don't forget to tell your parents, siblings, children, friends, etc. that you love them today!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A week of pictures

With the beautiful weather lately (not today), we had a very busy week. We tried to spend as much time outdoors as we could. Also, Ava's last swimming lesson was on Monday - can't wait to get that pool from Great-Grandma for Ava's birthday!

Yesterday we decided to back off on the baby food and start giving Ava more of our food. So, Scott cooked up a piece of chicken for her, we cooked some carrots, and she had part of a pear for dessert. I'm thinking we need to invest in those plates that have the suction cup on the bottom - I took one step away from her and the plate went flying. Good thing we have three dogs to clean up! Now that she knows how to drink from a straw and a regular cup, we decided giving her a sippy cup wouldn't hurt. She guards that thing with her life!!!

In less than 2 weeks, she's going to be a year old...! We bought some whole milk yesterday to start introducing that into her diet - I am so excited for that! But the biggest thing will be turning that car seat around to face us. I can't WAIT for her to be able to face forward so she can see where we're, that means I can keep a better eye on her, too.

We're looking forward to a lazy Sunday. Last night, after Ava was in bed, we both fell asleep in front of the TV by 8:30! But, we had fun on Friday night celebrating a friend's 30th birthday, so we're not complete homebodies. :)

Is it better with the spoon or the fingers? Either way, it's messy!

I love how she sleeps cross ways in the crib...she looks so squished.

Ava discovered the joy of kicking her legs in the water. I think what she really liked was being able to splash Mommy in the face.

She did not enjoy the life jacket, or the experience of floating on her back.

Clinging on to Mommy for dear life...and pinching me while she was at it. OUCH!

Scott was getting artsy with the angle. Or he was too comfy to move from his ground position. :)

The hat stayed on for just a few moments before she took it off and tried to eat it/throw it/wear it backwards on her head/etc...

Clearly, these two are related, and interested in the same movie on TV.

"Hey Mom, what's up?"

At this point, she didn't want to be held...she wanted to continue to rip up the evidenced by the remnant in her hand!

Oh sure, smile when Daddy's holding you! Although, I think Daddy needs to work on his smile. :)

"Uh oh, look what I did!"

So proud of herself!