Sunday, May 31, 2009

We have a a bar.

Well, I didn't do too hot on the pics this week, so we'll have to rely on a few from Lisa! These are from last Sunday when we went on a walk and played in a park in Woodbury. Dylan and Ava both look so happy!

Ava has taken to using her knees as a form of transportation - she'll pop up on them, and hop around, like she's a bunny! It's fine when it's outside on the grass, or inside on the carpet, but outside on the concrete? OUCH!

We also visited Grandma Deb in the hospital on Wednesday night. She had a knee replacement, so we brought her some flowers and a cranky baby to help the healing process. :) Grandma Deb is now out of the hospital, and doing well!

The 2nd tooth (bottom right if you're looking at Ava) made an appearance this week! And then it disappeared and no one else could find it. I thought I might have been crazy, but then it popped up again yesterday. Ava's not too keen about letting us put our fingers in her mouth and poking around.

Thursday night, Scott had to take Ava into the doctor for a diaper rash that just wasn't getting any better. The doc prescribed an ointment that looks like it's starting to finally clear things up. At least it's not as bright red as it had been! Anyway, the nice thing about those un-scheduled visits is that we get a height/weight on her. She's now 29" long, and 21.5 lbs. Our little porker gained 3.5 lbs since her visit just 2 months ago! At least we know she's a good eater!

Yesterday afternoon and early evening, we went to the Rack N Roll silent auction at Jersey's bar in IGH. We felt a little weird bringing Ava into the bar, but there were a ton of other kids and babies there, so we got over it pretty quickly. Ava had her first taco experience there, and she loved it! She also loved crawling around on the very dirty floor. Ugh. To make matters worse, during one of her intense fussy spells (you know, the kind where everyone in the room turns and looks at you?) I took her outside to play for a bit. She stood up in the parking lot, and then promptly fell over, leaving dirt, gravel, and general junk all over her pink pants. And toes. And hands.

Let's just say the bath was badly needed last night!

If the weather cooperates today, we're going to spend lots of time outside, and just hang around the house. I'm looking forward to a "plan-free" day. Whew!


Lisa said...

Dylan said he and Ava can go out for tacos because he likes them too! Don't you just LOVE how dirty they seem to be getting these days?!? I'm learning to just let it go, but I still cringe on the inside.

Megan said...

I can't believe she's going to be a year old already this month! She's growing up so fast! Time for number 2?