Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's here, it's here, it's finally HERE! We have a TOOTH!

Seriously, I thought our week couldn't get any better...first steps, first word(s), and now a first tooth! I have waited SO long for that little pearly white to poke its head through. I was even smiling to myself at yoga thinking about it. But, it's a sharp little guy! I'm not even sure if it's the bottom left or right, since Ava was not giving access tonight into her mouth. :)

She's has been incredibly ornery the last week, and this explains it. At least she knows (kinda?) what's happening now, and should be better equipped to deal with the next one.

YAY! This was the perfect way to go into our weekend. Who knew a tooth could make me so happy?


Jean said...

Congrats to Ava! Watch out though because they are sharp. I kept trying to stick my fingers into Owen's mouth in order to "show" the teeth so I could get a photo and he chomped down pretty hard and left a mark on my finger. Although I still continue to try to get photos of those pearly whites :-)

Lisa said...

So happy for Ava and her tooth! For Dylan the teething never seems to get any easier :( but Tylenol definately helps. Can't wait to see photos of that cute tooth- when she decides to let you see them!