Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's been a busy week...first Ava took her real first steps and then...she said her first real word! Friday night, Ava and I were in the living room and she waved at me from across the room and said "Hi..." I couldn't believe it! So, I didn't. You know how babies always make sounds that sound like words, but they don't really know what they're saying? I thought that was the case here.

BUT, later that night, both Scott and I were playing with Ava, and out of nowhere, she waves at Scott, and said "Hi..." again. He looked at me, I looked at him, and we agreed: this WAS her first official word! So, she's done it a couple of times since then, and is always waving when she does it. I'm surprised that was her first word, and not "dada" or "baba" or something like that. Apparently, we have a smart little baby who decided she didn't want to choose which parent to call out to, first. :)

Here are some shots from this morning - her normal Sunday routine is to have a bottle, and play while Daddy reads the newspaper. Today he turned on Sesame Street for her, but she wasn't interested. So, he's now watching a much more mature program for him: Looney Tunes. He's just a big kid, too!

It's supposed to be beautiful today, so I think we're going to spend the day outside, working on our garden. Have a wonderful day!


Jean said...

Congrats to Ava on her first word!! I was convinced that Ryan's first word would be "dada" because he was always babbling "ada. ada." but instead he came out with "da-ta" while pointing to Delta. Yup! First word was the dog's name!!

What a busy week you have all had with first steps AND first words. I hope you're enjoying the day outside today.

Lisa said...

YAY Ava! That's so exciting! And what a diplomatic little girl to not pick one parent over the other. :)