Monday, April 27, 2009

Maybe she will be a fishie...?

Since we missed last week's swimming lessons because both Ava and I were sick, we really needed to go tonight. I was so much more prepared this time, and brought a little stroller to sit her in so I could change my clothes afterwards, without worrying about a wriggling wet baby. PLUS, I brought a couple plastic bags to put the wet suits and towels in...all in all, I was pretty darn proud of how much more smoothly everything went this week!

Once we got into the pool area, I asked another mom what I had missed last week, and thank goodness, it wasn't much! Still lots of singing, floating on bellies and backs, and getting the kids used to the water. The good news is that the water was much warmer this week than the 1st week. Apparently, they had just cleaned the pool out before that first class, so the water wasn't back up to its normal temp. Ava's little hands were still purple by the time class was over tonight. BUT, she was actually smiling and laughing while we were in the water, and when we went to the kiddie pool afterwards, she seemed to like being in the warm water.

WHEW! I can't tell you what a relief it is that she doesn't appear to completely hate the water. A few of the moms said they didn't want to come back after the 1st week because of the water temp...I didn't think there was anyway that was 84 degrees!

So, now I can rest easy and look forward to a fun time next week. YEAH!

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Jean said...

So glad to hear that swimming lesson #2 went better. Our first experience was the same as yours with not being prepared and not knowing what to expect. It definitely got better and the boys absolutely loved their lessons. I'm sure Ava will become quite the little fishie over the summer....Enjoy!