Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a Week...

We've had another full week of working, playing, eating, pooping (OMG, like you wouldn't believe - I had to a run a bath one night to get it all off...Wait, let me clarify - the bath was for Ava, not us!) and cleaning out closets! I bought another big bin for all of Ava's clothes, and I managed to squash all of her 0-6 month outfits in there. I'm pretty sure the top might blow off at some point! We need to get up into our attic so we can start storing things up there. We're running out of room!

I love this one...she might be on to the "camera" thing. This look is classic, like, "Again with the camera, Mommy? Fine, I'll smile, but only to humor you."

Makin' a break for the bathroom..

I knew that smile was in there!

Daddy, Darla, and the caterpillar taking a snooze...where's the baby???

Scott was very impressed that they were laying down the same way, without posing. He made me take this picture. :)

And some beautiful flowers my hubby bought me - just what I need to remind me spring is right around the corner!

Ava and I are off to The Children's Museum in St Paul today. We're going with Tiff and Isabel - should be fun to see how the girls react to all of the fun toys they have there!

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Lisa said...

That is SUCH a cute photo of Scott and Ava! And way to go on the pretty spring flowers. ;)