Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let's Toast!

I've tried to get past my fear of Ava choking on everything, and I decided to let her nibble/suck/gnaw on a piece of zwieback toast. She really liked the size of it - it was perfect her to hold in her hands, and amazingly enough, it dissolved in her mouth at just the right pace. She was never able to break off a big enough piece to cause a problem. Although, I tried a piece, and it's pretty bland. So, we've moved on to her sharing my toast (without butter) - much more exciting!

And yesterday I was cutting off small pieces of my pear and giving those to her. She really seemed to enjoy that...although we learned that a juicy pear piece is not the easiest thing for a baby to pick up! It eventually turns into a pile of pear juice.

Got it!

Ooops, I lost it!

When we let her crawl around our living room, she always heads straight for her bouncy chair. I decided to strap her into it, and while she still fits, it's questionable if she's comfy. I turned my back for 3 seconds to talk to Scott and she was hanging off the side of it, so I think we'll put that chair away until she's a toddler (it's meant as a toddler chair, too, once they get bigger.)

But look at how big she is in it now vs. when she was a newborn!

She's less than a week old in this picture!

Ava has started sleeping in a weird position - she'll be sitting up, and then decide to fall forward and fall asleep, so she's face down while sleeping. This has morphed into a somewhat sitting/laying position at night...I didn't want to wake her up so here's an image from the monitor. Crazy kid!

Have a warm week!


Lisa said...

What a cutie! She has the cutest dimples. I can't believe how tiny they were! They are so fun to watch while they try to feed themselves. And Dylan has been sleeping with his butt up in the air too - like he just fell over and fell asleep. They are so funny!

The Yahres Family said...

I definitely share in your fear of them choking. Plus Ryan has quite the gag reflex so it freaked me out even more! I'm a little braver with Owen, but still always nervous. So scary!!