Monday, March 16, 2009

"Ava, bye-bye!"

I cannot believe I forgot to mention what Ava's latest trick is...she has started waving bye-bye when prompted! Whenever I would drop her off at daycare, I would say, "Ava, bye-bye", and Debi would take Ava's arm and wave it for her. Last Friday, she started moving her right hand (touching her fingers to her palms), and waving her whole left arm at the same time. It's too funny to watch - she starts off watching my hands, looks at her own hands, and then starts waving. When I picked Ava up today, one of the other little girls was showing her dad how Ava waves. That made me smile. :)

I tried to get a clip of her doing both things, but only got the arm wave on video. She was having a giggling fit during dinner on Saturday - no matter what I did or said, she would start laughing. I'd much rather have that than a cranky baby who's getting sleepy.

Happy Monday!

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Lisa said...

So cute! Love that laugh!