Friday, December 12, 2008

Too much to do!

My, we've been busy the last few weeks! Last week we got new carpet installed in the basement, and then spent several days moving our furniture downstairs, and getting our new furniture arranged on the main level. It's so nice to have a new family room, where Ava can roll on the carpet, and we can spend time together as a family.

We also put up our Christmas tree and decorations last week - it took us 3 days to decorate the tree. I guess that's what happens when both parents work full time, and have an almost 6-month old baby to entertain each night until she goes to bed!

But, the Christmas shopping and wrapping is mostly done with a few minor items left to pick up. We're getting ready to host the Goers' Christmas party next weekend, so I know we'll be busy for the next few weeks. Plus we have Ava's 6 month check up this coming Wednesday (that's the day Scott and I went on our 1st date, 8 years ago!!), and we have her 6 months photos on Saturday, 12/20. I've got the perfect little Christmas dress for her to wear. If only we could guarantee a smile...

Here are a few new pics:

Ava and Mommy by our tree...she was very interested in feeling the branches (yes, it's fake.)

Ava playing in her new Exer-Saucer - I'm pretty sure they didn't have cool toys like this when Scott and I were babies!

Ava's frantic when it comes to her bottles - she goes nuts when she sees it coming!

Next week, we're going to start solid foods...squash/carrots/sweet potatoes, here we come!

Have a great weekend!


Lisa said...

I've been checking your blog this week for an update... I ususally find one on Mondays! :) Make sure you have that video camera handy when you try the veggies- It's so funny! But after that first night, Dylan seems to like green beans.

My computer crashed yesterday and I'm just sick about it. (I have so much on there and I really don't know how to access my external hard drive). We're taking it to Best Buy today- I may be getting a new computer for Christmas... :(

Lisa said...

Oh- love how she sneezes on the bottle! Dylan gets excited when I feed him too... we joke that he's a true boy because he gets so excited when the boob comes out. :)