Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Half Birthday, Ava!

We've had a big week...Ava had her 6 month well-baby visit last night where she got more vaccinations, as well as the flu shot. We also discussed introducing veggies and fruits to her with her doctor, and we now have his blessing to do so.

Some basic info first:

  • Height: 26.6", 90th percentile
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs, 75th percentile
  • Head: 16.5", 25th percentile
She's doing great, and growing as she should be. And she won't have to get any more shots until we go in for Part2 of the flu shot in January. Yay!

She's been rocking a lot more on her hands and knees, and launching herself forward. It's a great next step, but then I think about what comes next, and realize we need to baby-proof the house!

We also gave her squash tonight for the first time. At first, she did great, and was eating it so well...and then the meal progressed. By the end of the meal, she was slapping the tray and throwing her hands in the air! If she could have escaped, I think she would have. :)

This morning, I came in to wake her up, and found her licking the side of the crib. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that. At the very least, she brings a ton of laughter to the Goers' house!

Have a great night!

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Lisa said...

So cute! I know- Dylan manages to get his hands in his mouth and then we have food everywhere. The dogs are also a big distraction.

BTW- love the new carpet! And at the end, did one of the dogs drop their toy off the couch? :)