Friday, December 26, 2008

Ava's First Christmas...!

We've had a wonderful first Christmas with Ava. We stayed in Minnesota to celebrate the holidays with Scott's family, as we were in KC with my family for Thanksgiving.

Last Sunday, we hosted the Goers' Christmas party - it was great having all of the cousins, aunts, and uncles over to our house. We truly look forward to getting together with them during this time of year.

On Monday, we attempted to take pictures of the four great-granddaughters for Scott's maternal grandmother's Christmas present. Ava and Callie did SO well, but Tatiana and Jenna just weren't in the mood.

This is the funniest pic from that night...Ava's trying to get Jenna to stay with her!

We spent Christmas Eve with Scott's mom's side of the family - the four great-granddaughters were there, and after the presents had been torn into, the living room looked like a wrapping paper factory had exploded. But, they all had fun!

Christmas morning was a special time for the three of us - I made a yummy breakfast, and we enjoyed opening our gifts - much more subdued than the night before, but still fun!

Is that fear or excitement on her face??

I wonder how Santa got that big caterpillar down our chimney?? (It winds all the way around the back of the tree...)

"Who needs gifts when I have my exer-saucer?? YAY!"

I love the expression on her face...

"Yummy paper!"

"Look at my new jacket!"

Opening gifts is hard work for a little girl...and Daddy is so comfy!

My parents gave each of the dogs a peanut butter (dog-safe) treat in the shape of a mailman. Darla and Lucky tore into theirs right away, but Spanky was a little more cautious. He guarded his and growled at anyone who walked by. Darla was trapped by the back door - she was scared to walk by Spanky to get back to us!!



And of course Lucky had to eat hers on our bed...

Scott's dad (Bruce) and his wife joined us for Christmas dinner, and we had a wonderful afternoon with them. Bruce picked out some pretty darling clothes for Ava - he made some great choices, and I would let him buy clothes for her anytime! This is the second time she has passed out on his chest - he's got the magic touch!

These were taken tonight - I've been trying to give Ava a chance to practice sitting on her own. She was doing so well, and then she decided to fall over, and roll around a little bit. At least she was having fun!

One last thing...Ava's been eating carrots for the last week, and she seems to be enjoying them. On Sunday, we'll be trying sweet potatoes...and then on to the green veggies!!

Hope your holidays were blessed! Here's to a great new year, just around the corner!!

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Lisa said...

Such cute photos! Ava is a doll. Didn't the holidays just seem WAY more fun this year?? They seemed to be at the perfect age to enjoy the lights, paper, family, toys... Glad you had a wonderful Christmas too!