Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Little Turkey in Kansas City!

Scott, Ava, and I went to KC to visit my family for Thanksgiving. My aunt Stephanie flew in from NYC, and my great-aunt Doris joined us for dinner, as well. In addition to listening to family tales from the past and eating a fabulous home-cooked meal, we also decided to let Ava open her Christmas gifts from my parents and Steph. I've included a video from her first gift - once she got past the shiny ribbon, she just tore into the gifts!

We're back home now, and looking forward to the next time we head south to KC!

Enjoy the pictures! And gobble gobble!

Dee, Ava and Gramma Karen - 3 generations of fabulous women! :)

This was just too cute...Ava is so good at really studying the person who is holding her. In this case, it's Grampa Doug!

Grampa Doug, Gramma Karen and Ava - after a great breakfast...

This is nice - we don't have too many pictures of the three of us.

What's this? Turkey legs on my shirt!

Ava the Dragon Slayer!

And a happy slayer to boot...!

The Blackwood family (L-R): Doris, Sparky the dog, Dee, Karen, Doug, Ava, and Steph

We were able to take a picture for our Christmas card (you'll have to wait and see that one), but here are a few other cute ones...

And the video - I'm surprised there weren't any paper cuts...!


Lisa said...

CUTE photos! I love the one with the turkey shirt! I'm so excited for Christmas- Dylan loves playing with paper these days too (He tried to eat my bulletin in church the other day). I think we could probably just wrap an empty box and they would be just as happy!

SpikedWheel said...

Oh Dee Dee Lynn! Ava is so adorable in all the pics and you and Scott are just beaming in every one of them. I hope you all of a very blessed Christmas