Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fire, fire!

Quick story of the best friend, Angie, and I had an early Christmas dinner this past Thursday. We had a wonderful meal at La Grolla in the Cathedral Hill area in St. Paul - the ambiance at the restaurant is fabulous - very romantic (yea Ang!), with a Tuscan feeling to it.

As I was opening her gift, we both realized that it was suddenly very bright at our table...the tissue paper in the gift had caught fire! Angie was trying to blow it out, I was waving it around, and finally, our waitress came to our rescue - she stomped it out on the mat by our table. The other patrons clapped, and we were even thanked for the excitement at the end our meal. Anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT like fire that's even the tiniest bit out of, of course, this had to happen at our table. :) At least the cute sleeper that Angie gave Ava didn't get fried!

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Lisa said...

OMG!!!!!!!! That's hilarious!