Saturday, October 11, 2008

Many updates...

It's been a busy week, so I haven't had a chance to post anything until now. Scott's up north hunting, Ava's sleeping, and FINALLY, I get a few minutes to myself. If I was smart, I'd be taking a bath, drinking some wine, and relaxing. But no, I'm catching up on email, updating this blog, and trying to ignore the pleading looks that Lucky is throwing me. I think she might be tired. Well, I am too, so after this, I'm off to bed!

Let's see - we had dinner with the Greg Goers' family last Sunday. Here's a cute pic of Tayla, Dawn and Ryley with Ava. We're only missing Greg!

And here's a pic with Tayla holding Ava...she's going to be a fabulous baby-sitter in a few years. She has a way with kids!

I had been wanting to get a Bumbo seat after seeing how much Isabel loved hers. But, I didn't want to pay $40 for a foam chair. So, I checked craigslist, and some guy was selling his brand-new one for $7. SOLD! He hadn't done any research on how much he should have sold it for, so I snapped it up. Apparently, he had at least 4 other calls for it, but lucky me, I'm the 1st one who he talked to. Check out Ava...I'm not sure if she likes it - she keeps trying to escape from it...

We've been trying to do more tummy time, and now that she can actually prop herself up, she pays attention to toys that are around her. I love this crib mirror toy. And she loves the bug that's on the lower right corner.

Looking very intently at herself in the mirror...

Hey! When did you get here?! (Apparently Mommy shows up in the oddest the side of the crib, next to the swing, or while Ava's nursing...who knew Mommy was so sneaky??)

And a non-Ava update...I was feeding her the other day, and heard a weird noise in the house, but thought it was Scott (he was outside mowing the lawn.) I heard it a few more times, and then I heard Scott come in and yell. "What's this???" And my favorite, "NO! Not on the steaks!" A bird (it looked big to me, like a eagle, but Scott assured me it was just a swallow) flew into our house, and was flitting around our living room. And as you might have guessed, landed right on the plate where our dinner (steaks) were marinating. It ended up behind the fridge (always an easy place to shoo a bird from), and eventually flew outside. It was weird, and funny, and kind of gross, all at the same time. At least it wasn't a bat!

Well, this old lady's off to bed. Have a great Sunday!

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