Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Visiting Kansas City...

We had so much fun on our trip to KC to see my parents. They hadn't seen Ava since she was about 2 weeks old, so seeing her now, at almost 12 weeks, was quite different! She did pretty good on the the drive - it only extended our drive times by about 30 minutes each way. Thank goodness for battery packs for the breast pump!

Here are some fun pics from our long weekend:

Dad feeding Ava, and Mom looking on to make sure he's doing it right :)

We visited my grandma, and we thought it would be nice to have a 4-generation picture. Grandma loved playing with Ava's feet!

Grandpa looking very proud!

Grandma looking happy, Ava looking grumpy...

I'm not sure what she's looking at (Grandma maybe?), but I love her expression!

That's right, Ava, give beer the evil eye! Be a wine drinker instead! :)

Proud daddy!

My baby...she's getting so big...!

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