Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our 3rd Anniversary

Scott and I went out to Stillwater last night to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. Grandma Deb was very excited to baby-sit Ava, so that made us enjoy the evening that much more. We had a great dinner at the Dock Cafe on the St Croix river. As we were eating dinner, we noticed 3 hot air balloons coming up over the other side of the river - as we watched, they each came down to the surface of the river, and quickly lifted off again. It was so neat to see!

After dinner, we stopped at a fudge shop and picked up some fresh fudge and taffy. After that, we ventured down the road so I could get some ice cream. Stillwater was packed last night - it was a beautiful evening! We also went to see "The House Bunny" - a very, very funny movie starring my favorite actress, Anna Faris!

While we were down by the river, we asked an older couple to take our picture. They were so excited because their son was on a boat on the river, proposing to his girlfriend of 5 years! Romance was definitely in the air last night!

One little thing on Ava...this past Wednesday, she rolled over from her back to her belly, and propped herself up on her forearms, in one fluid motion. It was amazing! And yesterday morning, as I was nursing her, she stopped eating, and looked surprised to see me, like "Hey! When did you get here?!" It was the cutest thing...!

Have a wonderful day!

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Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary - yesterday! Oops! Glad you were able to have a night out for the two of you!