Friday, September 5, 2008

Fun with Friends!

Today, Tiffany & Isabel, Ava & me, and Lisa & Dylan met in Stillwater for lunch and to play in a park. There's a great kids-only park that we went to...complete with fake grass! It was very nice to have a chance to catch up and see how much all of the kids have grown. Although Tiff definitely was on her feet more than Lisa or me - Isabel is quite active, and was checking everything out!

Here's Isabel, venturing out...under Tiff's watchful eye

And Lisa with Dylan...
And my baby, who spent most of the time sleeping. Such a social girl! Must take after her dad in that aspect. :)

Have a great weekend!

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2008 said...

Hey!! Just checking up on you guys, looks like things are going well. I miss seeing all of you girls and Erik does too (although I think he misses garage time more than holding babies time). We are doing good, first week of teaching is over and ready for more. We must get together soon, Ava and Isabel are getting so big!! Hopefully we can connect soon!! Take care :) Megan