Thursday, September 25, 2008

Big Feet & Chubby Cheeks

Quick update for the week...Ava has officially been "scootching" at daycare. The other day she moved about 2 feet on her belly, by pushing off the ground with her toes. She hasn't quite figured out what to do with her arms, but when she does, watch out! AND, she has discovered her toes, which is just too cute. She also is very determined to pull Daddy's arm hair, which I don't think he likes too much. :)

This picture reminds me of Grandpa Bruce - there's just something about those cheeks...
The angle of this one makes her feet look huge! I have a feeling she might be a tall one...!

One night after daycare, I brought her into the kitchen so I could clean up for dinner, and before I knew it, she was passed out. She was comfy, even tho it didn't look like she should be!TGIF!

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