Monday, August 25, 2008

No Baby at the State Fair!

Scott and I had our first afternoon alone yesterday when we went to the MN State Fair. Grandma Deb did a great job baby-sitting Ava for several hours. Apparently she (Ava, not Deb) was a little fussy, but it was her first time away from both Mommy and Daddy at the same time, so I'm not surprised! We can't thank Deb enough for giving us the chance to have fun at the fair and not be worried about our little girl! (Although there were a ton of little babies there, and I did miss Ava while we were gone...she's never too young for her 1st cheese curd, right?!?)

We had fun this morning at breakfast - I put a pair of John Deere (that's for you, Dad!) keys in her hand, and she actually held onto them for a while. I also brought out her super soft teddy bear/blanket, and she tried to eat it. So, that didn't last too long, but it was fun!

We're heading to KC this weekend for a long visit with my parents...they haven't seen her since the end of June, so it'll be fun for them to see how much she has changed. And, we'll see how she does on the long car ride. Ugh.

Have a great night!

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Lisa said...

Have a great trip to KC! Dylan did great on the way up to Washburn, but decided he needed to eat twice on the way home, so it took us a good 5 hours!